Sun Trine Neptune

2790781An individual with the Sun trine Neptune will often show talents in a variety of artistic and creative fields – dance, poetry, literature, and drama. Sun in aspect to Neptune likes to inspire and be inspired, and the spiritual path of mysticism is sometimes sought. The person connects very comfortably with their dreams, and the ideals they pursue in life. Moreover, they have a little bit of the mystique about their personality, something we can’t quite define.

Sun-Neptune is exceptionally open and sensitive and has a tendency to see the good in others, which can leave them blind to reality. The path of service is often a route taken as they’re highly sensitized and possess an empathetic and sympathetic character. Fulfillment through a helping type of role is often sought; they are naturally selfless with a great sensitivity to the needs of others and concern for their welfare. They can be soothing to be around; they convey a very loving and accepting side to their personality. Naturally, this makes them attracted to social work, charity organizations or the ministry.

Many Sun-Neptune types tend to be artists or healers, and they have a somewhat psychic and intuitive natures. They are extremely sensitive to all moods and can absorb psychic content with their strong fantasies, revelations, and dream life. Much of this inspiration comes from the unconscious levels of the self, and it supplies them with an endless well of answers in the form of imagery, symbols, metaphors, and poetry. The person has natural emotional insight and even a flair for capturing a mood perfectly through film, photography, and music.

This aspect was once described as having the ability to hear the harmony of the spheres, and so they are quite sensitive and attuned to this other, more heavenly reality. Sun-Neptune has the instinctive ability to be someone else for a while and it’s why many of them do well in the acting profession. Astrologer Charles Carter noted that this aspect commonly occurs in the charts of writers and artists as well as philanthropists and humanists.

A love of animals is also thought to be a frequent feature. Psychologists believe that animals help to alleviate loneliness; they express unconditional love and make us feel accepted. There is something of the same essence in this kind-hearted soul. Sun trine Neptune people like dealing with others in a non-confrontational manner, preferring to use kindliness and show a more loving, expansive or creative nature. They often experience these great waves of serenity and peace washing over their psyches and a feeling of being one with all. Moreover, benefits often come to these types through unseen sources, even secretly.

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