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Question: Moon in contact with Pluto is the worst & the best aspect ever. It torments, but in the most turbulent of times, it gives you strength to carry on. It has strong emotions, and sometimes it feels like you’re going mad, but you love it, you’d never give up that feeling. Certain aspects are like thousands of dollars worth of therapy, but it also feels like I’m at war with the whole world. I only have one real friend, and it’s the best friend a person could ever have, loyal, supportive, and extremely caring. Luckily, she’s not like me and doesn’t have this nasty aspect, and when I say nasty, I mean nasty for others who have to deal with the person who has it, and God knows I’m a difficult person. Any thoughts?

With emotional, passionate, and feeling events at the center of the world, Moon-Pluto, the better types, are loyal. The usual interpretations of these individuals delighting in drama and being emotionally “too much” to handle is fast becoming a thing of the past. An astrology chart can’t tell us the actual inner growth of an individual, and so the manifestation of a Moon-Pluto aspect can range from its lowest levels of expression to it’s highest, mostly somewhere in-between for a lot of individuals. We can dismiss most of the radically negative statements made about this aspect, seeing them as relatively biased interpretations which can do a great deal of psychological harm when interpreting a birth chart. Much of Pluto is awesome and relentless, but often totally ruthless in an impersonal and karmic manner. That’s not to say there are not those Moon-Pluto types who use tragedy or “attacks by dark forces” as instruments for self-dramatization, and the need for complexity to satisfy the urge for psychological depths to be plunged. Some of these natives are associated with violence and extreme behavior because they often get too emotionally and personally involved. Moon-Pluto becomes intensely involved in experiencing love, friendship, sharing, and activity in common that they might forget to keep some boundaries. This aspect relates to a change of feeling that can and should transform them as they involve themselves in relationships. Many of their friendships with others often start off very promising and then suddenly they find the ground seems to have vanished beneath them, and they tumble into their own dark depths. I don’t think it’s always the issue of the Jungian shadow and all of that jargon. With Moon-Pluto there is a terrible fascination about relationships, and it’s always fascinating and very powerful, and it changes them. It could mean they are drawn to images another that represent Pluto, and then they become compulsively involved with them, and these relationships will alter their inner world emotionally. Some of their close relationships will have a lot of wreckage in their wake, so very often it is hard for them to return to normal relating. Moon-Pluto individuals need their emotions stirred in very profound ways, any friendship or love affair has to open new vistas and unearth new depths. 

Karen Hamaker says:

Because the confrontation with repressed and unconscious factors makes them inwardly insecure and compels them to do something, they can expect to be involved in some pretty vigorous action sooner or later. The confrontation of the Moon-Pluto aspect is likely to make them bottle their feelings in public. But they have an intense need for emotional contact. These natives can be so emotionally fierce and demanding. An ordinary relationship does not satisfy; they insist on much more than that. They want depth and intrigue. There is the inclination to satisfy the power drive by adopting a “big mother” role. They so want to indulge their emotional life that deforming elements creep into or personal elements from the unconscious puff them up in a way harmful to genuine emotional relationships. They are much too inquisitive concerning the backgrounds of others, they do a lot of digging around and run up against very deep problems in themselves and others. Folks feel spied on and manipulated; yet they can benefit from their hassles with them, which gives them insight into their own behavior as well as of others.  Sometimes they are inclined to look outside themselves in their loved ones, and feel they are being necessarily difficult. Moon-Pluto’s emotional reactions are often a mixture of playing hide and seek, uncertainty, not knowing how to react, and difficulty in expressing feelings. However, they come to see that Pluto’s confrontations have their value and that they need not always be undermined by them.

 At times Moon-Pluto may feel things are too much on the emotional plane, but it is actually a great aspect for purges, ridding themselves of the things in the past. But sometimes becoming brutal as a contact is broken off forever, and they refuse to ever look back. Those with the Moon in aspect to Pluto need to remember that some things are in their control to change, a lot of things actually, and this can be a personal revelation. Many allow their feelings to gather over time, and then finally release them when one small push pushes them over the top. What could have been resolved but buried escalates into all-out emotional dramas. The power for these individuals is in the present moment, to react in the situation, and to never resort to low blows. When it comes to the past, no matter how debilitating a trauma they can go on to live a powerful, safe and fulfilling life. Often, at some point, maybe through some kind of trauma, they’ve lost old friends, it’s very common, but then new more long-lasting friendships are formed based on their new emotional identity. Usually with those who accept this darkness within, and companions who should feel Moon-Pluto’s sense of merging on all levels. These individuals include the very depths of their psychic and emotional natures within important relationships. In fact, many Moon-Pluto’s surrender their individualized sense of separateness to the experience of total relatedness.

According to Jeff Green:

This aspect serves to transform the instinctive emotional reactions to any internal or external circumstance. These individuals commonly have displaced and unresolved needs and problems that are projected via expectations upon others. When others do not meet their needs, or solve their problems, the projection of emotional rage or anger will result. These experiences of course, enforces a confrontation wit others through which throw the individual inward.The intensity and degree of these experiences can be linked to how “new” or “old” this evolutionary process is, and with the type of aspect formed to Pluto. With greater growth, it magnetically attracts others because they recognize his or her healing abilities. Many are drawn to their self-determination and their single-minded pursuit of an objective – whatever it may be. These individuals often have a deep and penetrating gaze because of the Moon’s symbolic correlation to the retina in the eyes. The force of these souls is reflected through their eyes as they attempt to penetrate the core of others to see where another is coming from. These individuals can become consumed by their own moods, feelings and emotions. These moods, from the darkest to the brightest and all shades in between, originate in the distant and unconscious memories. The need to gain perspective and control of these states is critical. This perspective and control can occur through a sustained commitment of some kind that allows for the development of objective emotional awareness.