Venus in Capricorn

Any person with Venus in Capricorn seeks relationships which provide a stable structure and enhances social or professional standing. Love is a serious business and these people are extremely cautious entering new relationships. They are definitely not the type to openly express affection, they care very much about others’ opinions and long for love and appreciation as much as the next person, but one would never know from their reserved appearance.

In love, they are practical and geared towards personal achievement. Venus in Capricorn is often attracted to those with financial status, professional reputation, and standing. This placement of Venus can be extremely supportive of a partner’s ambitions and feel validated in a relationship when they find someone who is willing to work hard and make an effort to strengthen the bond.

Once a relationship is established, they behave appropriately in social situations and their affections are expressed carefully and with reserve. When the planet of love falls in an earthy sign, the relationship needs to be defined in tangible ways. Otherwise, they feel rejected if a partner does not take the relationship as seriously as they do.

The person is cautious and serious about love and desires a deep, genuine, lasting love. They are old-fashioned about courtship and will remain faithful to a partner through good and bad times. Venus in Capricorn often needs more time to warm up to others, but once they feel secure in a relationship, affection is long-lasting. Sometimes they are attracted to a partner older than themselves, but it is often to someone who has a mature outlook on life since they admire serious, responsible and reliable partners.

It is difficult for them to express love and affection in a relaxed way, and the slightest disappointment can be a cause for mistrust. Giving and receiving respect is what is truly valued, along with a strong sense of duty and loyalty in a relationship. A wild and passionate love affair or one-night stand does not interest them. The sign values fidelity, but their desire for stability often means enduring difficult relationships, they may also tolerate them through a heavy sense of obligation. Venus in Capricorn is often shy and sensitive in social situations and takes time to warm up properly. The individual admires hardworking and successful people, they are also willing to work hard and build success with a partner.