Pluto in the 10th House

With Pluto in the 10th house, you have your compulsive nature focused on worldly ambitions, expression of authority, and positions of power. Here there is an insatiable drive towards success, and you have a strong striving for impact and influence on society and could be completely obsessed with your calling in life. This could mean that you are consumed by your career and the need for professional success is intensified. Pluto in this position has tremendous determination and great organization skills and the ability to make an indelible mark within the public sphere. You are a strict taskmaster on yourself and others, and you’re very devoted to your work and give an enormous amount of commitment to your goals. Competitors soon take notice of you, and you can often be on the receiving end of jealousy and resentment, but this is of no consequence to you. The end goal is all that is cared about no matter how many people try to bring you down on the way to your chosen path in life.

Haydyn Paul says:

If you find that you cannot personally rise to heights of social and public prestige, then you will attempt to maintain contact with those who have, so that power by association can be experienced. Other ways to express this compulsion are either to oppose the Establishment, by having extreme revolutionary or libertarian views, or to use any influence and power that you have in order to reform existing structures of authority. Much will depend upon how you deal with people, because that is likely to sow your seeds of future success or failure. You will need to evaluate your personal motives and values in the light of any public fame or success, to free yourself of any glamour and illusions concerning authority and power, and from the need to tie your sense of identity in so strongly with your ambitions. Pluto, acting as a transformative and subverting energy, will use such aspects of your life to force you to discover new ways of understanding. If your personal identity is supported by being in a position of power, then be ready for Pluto to erode your influence and reputation, perhaps stripping you of it altogether. You need to have a deeper perception of the social responsibilities of authority, and how to use it correctly and in a socially beneficent manner.

Pluto here may be responsible for transforming society and tearing down old systems that have become outworn and outdated. With Pluto in the 10th house, you let nothing stand in the way of your ambitions, and you want to remake and change the world in some significant way. It is a transformation that can lift you above the average person and to soar the heights of greatness. You need to find something in which to become intensely involved, and with Pluto’s ability to see beneath the surface of life, it could lead you into a career path that involves the human psyche.

According to Howard Sasportas:

Those with Pluto in the 10th ultimately require a career which is deeply engaging, meaningful, and exciting. Either the work is of a ‘Plutonian’ nature or they approach the whole area of work with the kind of intensity and complexity associated with this planet. Some may be responsible for reforming existing institutions of society which are outworn or outdated. Other fields related to Pluto are those of medicine, psychology, and occult or psychic work, investigative science and journalism, politics, mining, atomic research, etc. I have done charts for two people with Pluto in the 10th who were in jobs in which they were not allowed to reveal the exact nature of their work. Some may engage in careers which reflect society’s shadowy side – such as prostitution, crime or underworld involvement. Occasionally, I have come across people with Pluto in the 10th who tell me that they have no ambition. Usually, on some level, they are frustrated by the lack of influence they wield, or the unchallenging job they are already in. In certain cases, it strikes me that some people with Pluto in the 10th may not find their true vocation until they are more capable of using their power wisely and for the good of the larger whole, rather than for purely personal ends.

Usually, you must deal with the issue of power and sometimes expose the establishment, and it can indicate a troubling relationship with authority figures. With Pluto in the 10th house, you may face humiliating experiences at the hands of those in power. And sometimes there is a distrust of those in authority. Pluto here needs to periodically tear down structures and rebuild them. In some cases, this may mean leaving an established career, and embarking on a radically different one. Furthermore, you may be subject to career upheavals, public disgrace, have your reputation destroyed, or see the destruction of a career. You may face forced redundancy, complete takeover, or witness a business collapsing. Sometimes you can no longer tolerate what you do for a living and don’t feel as if you are passionately engaged anymore. However, even in all of these worst-case scenarios, you have the ability to regenerate your career and vocation, pick up the pieces and start all over again. Negatively the shadowy side of Pluto may enter this realm and make you ruthless, manipulative, secretive, and underhanded in business. However, it is most likely that you’re challenged to learn how to use the right amount of assertiveness to avoid power struggles when you reach the top. Pluto’s position in any of the houses shows the use and abuse of power.

Robert Pelletier says:

You are deeply sensitive to the problems of society and to people who are victims of political, social or economic injustice. Because you understand people’s individual difficulties and problems, you are better able to cope with larger social issues. You use any tool you need to help those who cannot help themselves. Privately you feel that you are destined to serve society by fulfilling this obligation and that in the future you must be dedicated to serving others. With knowledge comes power as well as the responsibility for upholding the highest standards of using that power. You have an opportunity to satisfy the most pressing needs of society, because of your talent for getting people interested in the programs you start for their benefit. You have the power to do whatever is necessary to have them accepted. Because you are devoted to the task, you will win the support you need to achieve your goals and help others achieve theirs. You have the great privilege and awesome responsibility of helping to determine how social conditions will evolve. Don’t forget those who helped you when you needed it. One good turn deserves another; and you will have many opportunities to repay the favors you received when you needed them. Ambition is powerful but complex. You may wander about for long periods, aware of intense ambition but unable to find suitable expression. Or you may be thrust into a position of authority in a profession for which you did not consciously prepare. Also, you may abruptly change professions at critical points in your life. It can appear that you’ve burned your bridges behind you. You’ll know, however, that you are still being faithful to an inner calling, that you simply had to destroy old forms in search of better avenues of expression.