Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio represents deep love, and it is an intense emotional state. It is the absorption of two lovers with each other in which emotion takes centre stage, and there is likely to be both pain and ecstasy in the relationship. If the Venusian Scorpion’s feelings are returned, they are satisfied and joyful; otherwise, they are left feeling empty or despairing. For Venus in Scorpio, deep love seeks and desires only a similarly deep and true love.

When Venus is in Scorpio, it’s important to be in partnerships with a lot of emotional depth and intensity, and to be open to the possibility that these relationships may change. You find the idea of superficial interactions with others intolerable, and as a result, you seek out relationships that are intensely personal and passionate. When you’re involved in a romantic connection, you become madly in love with the other person, and you become very possessive of them and jealous of anybody who threatens the bond you have.

You have a tendency to be suspicious of even platonic or friendly ties that a partner may have, since the passion and devotion of a partner must be unwavering, and you need to make sure that they are. Betrayal and humiliation are not easily forgiven or forgotten by those born under the sign of Scorpio. This is due to the fact that Scorpio is a fixed water sign with the capacity to love for a lengthy period of time. If you have been cheated on, you are capable of hating with the same intensity and fervour with which you previously fell in love. When Venus is in Scorpio, the individual is more likely to bury painful memories from their past. Doing so helps them keep their extreme sensitivities and vulnerabilities at bay.

The right partner in life is vital, someone who will give purpose to the scorpion’s life and driving power to his or her ambitions. Love is essential, an absolute necessity. Scorpio people are wise and shrewd, emotional and magnetic, in short quite fascinating. If they want something then they want it so badly they can taste it. It becomes an obsession. No one will go to greater extremes for you. The sign ensures nothing is done by halves and when she stings, you, she can really hurt, but will only do it when betrayed. Love Stars: A Guide to All Your Relationships

Darker undercurrents in love, such as cruelty, abuse, and crises, can cause partners to behave in mysterious ways. These forces at work can cause you to act in dark and shadowy ways in a relationship. Venus in Scorpio wants nothing less than total union with a partner, and a big part of its love nature is involved in power struggles and the need to stay in control. Because of this, your romantic side is stifled, and everything inside you bubbles and seethes like a volcano about to erupt. Scorpio is often too proud to apologise after a fight, and as a result, your real feelings (Venus) gets pushed down. Your relationship is anything but lukewarm, and you have a strong sense of how to read people on an emotional and spiritual level. This is a skill that only a small number of people have. It’s hard to let go of something that you’ve become emotionally attached to, and a relationship that you’ve been in for a long time definitely leaves a mark on you.

Secret liaisons could play a part in your relationships, either your own or your partner’s, particularly if the intensity becomes too claustrophobic. Jealousy and thoughts of vengeance can be a problem, although you would be wise not to give in to follow these avenues. Your challenge is to use your resources to find a middle pattern between the highs and the lows of intense emotion with relationships. Your relationships can then flourish as important resources in your life. At some stage in life you may benefit financially or through a legacy from an important relationship. Stephanie Johnson

When Venus is in Scorpio, your primary expression is one that is fierce and passionate, and you expect your partner to reciprocate the level of intensity that you feel. If your feelings for this person are as strong as your desires to have them, you may find yourself immersed in a world of almost agonising pleasure, the likes of which you won’t forget for a very long time. Less important than what you do in sexual encounters is your desire to feel and experience total surrender. Even though you are interested in discovering your partner’s most private thoughts and emotions, you put a great value on sensuality and give it a lot of attention. If your lover is unable to keep the flames of desire burning hot, you are likely to feel profound dissatisfaction.