Venus in Scorpio: The Only Kind of Love That Will Do

When Venus is in Scorpio, it means you have the potential to turn your love into a powerful weapon. When you’re profoundly attached to another person, you feel joy and pain that seem otherworldly, if not supernatural. If your partner feels the same way about you, you’ll be satisfied and fulfilled; otherwise, you may feel lonely, rejected, or devastated. When you’re in a vulnerable area, like an intimate relationship, you may want to hide or run from painful past experiences, but you can also reveal these deep pieces of yourself with the other person. Self-preservation in romantic relationships might help you deal with your extreme sensitivity and fragility that may bother you. Only unconditional, profound, and strong love will do for you; you thrive in long-term, emotionally-charged partnerships yet are open to change. You dislike superficial interactions and would rather invest time and energy into developing meaningful bonds with individuals who matter to you.

They’re good secret keepers in love. Sometimes they find that duty compels them to be your secret lover whilst you’re going through a bad patch in another relationship. Of you’re just recovering from a breakdown or, even better, going through a breakdown, they are even more intrigued. They love depth and craziness. And they’re loyal, which means they won’t tell their other lovers about you. Extremes of coldness or masochism crop up in their relationships. They love excesses of any sort; purity is as great a turn-on as a lover with a twisted past. Murky colours suit them best – black, maroon, scarlet, midnight blue, lizard green – as long as its velvet. Debbie Kempton Smith

When you love someone very much, you develop possessive and jealous tendencies against anyone who might harm the relationship you share with them. Since you, as a Venusian Scorpion, think your partner’s love and dedication must be unwavering, you may view even friendly or platonic relationships with suspicion. People born with Venus in Scorpio have a difficult time moving on from the hurt and humiliation caused by others. This is due to the fact that, as a fixed water sign, you are capable of cultivating a love that lasts. The hurt you experience when you find out your partner has cheated on you may be as strong as the love you had when you first met.

The right partner in life is vital, someone who will give purpose to the scorpion’s life and driving power to his or her ambitions. Love is essential, an absolute necessity. Scorpio people are wise and shrewd, emotional and magnetic, in short quite fascinating. If they want something then they want it so badly they can taste it. It becomes an obsession. No one will go to greater extremes for you. The sign ensures nothing is done by halves and when she stings you, she can really hurt, but will only do it when betrayed. Love Stars: A Guide to All Your Relationships

Both love and pain have the potential to drive either you or your partner to engage in complex and manipulative behaviour, but they can also bring about the depth of emotion you seek. If you feel like things are getting out of hand in your relationship, it may be because of some underlying early emotional issue, such as cruelty, abuse, or even a crisis. In a relationship, you seek total intimacy with a partner, and you have an uncanny knack for gauging the psychological and spiritual states of others, and as a result, your connections with people are anything but lukewarm. Breaking up after a long relationship is complicated by the fact that you have likely invested a lot of your emotions into the partnership.

Secret liaisons could play a part in your relationships, either your own or your partner’s, particularly if the intensity becomes too claustrophobic. Jealousy and thoughts of vengeance can be a problem, although you would be wise not to give in to follow these avenues. Your challenge is to use your resources to find a middle pattern between the highs and the lows of intense emotion with relationships. Your relationships can then flourish as important resources in your life. At some stage in life you may benefit financially or through a legacy from an important relationship. Stephanie Johnson

With Venus in Scorpio, you project an image of power and desire to your partner and demand that they respond in kind. When your desires and your affections for another are in harmony, the resulting mood can be one of almost intense pleasure. You are curious in your lover’s innermost feelings, but you also place a high value on sensuality and give it a lot of attention, so if your lover can’t keep the passions alive, you’ll likely be quite unhappy.

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