Uranus Transits: 1st House

When Uranus transits the 1st house it can signify a new change in appearance, style, and dress. Uranus is an experimental planet, and through this area, it is experimenting with new hairstyles, ways of being in the world, and trying on new clothing. If you are the more adventurous type you’ll embrace the new Uranian emerging. The need for self-expression and freedom is powerful during this 7-year transition and you relate to others in completely new ways. You might even act in a more rebellious and willful fashion. Social contacts are more exciting, and people are buzzing in and out of your life right now.

You visualize a new self-image and become the architect and designer, and won’t be told how to dress, act or present yourself. The transit calls for you to break away from anything that tries to keep you in a box, and this may surprise others, because if you are usually a person that doesn’t change much, Uranus will breathe new life into your old way of being. The clothes that you select are up to date or ahead of their time. A streak of originality runs through your identity. If others don’t like the change and want you to remain the same, there will probably be some upset people. Now is the time to explore your identity, how you meet the world, and the first impression that you make on others.

When Uranus transits the 1st house, it may shatter old self-perceptions and you have a Uranian effect over everybody. These years will be filled with excitement and originality with situations that stimulate you mentally. Uranus crossing the Ascendant will often correlate with a major change in your environment, which may involve a new job, house move, divorce, etc. The transit can bring restlessness and new ideas that take you by impulse. Uranus seeks to break you out of an outdated image. Is the old self, past its sell-by date? We update computers as technology progresses and this goes for our self-image, too.