Multiple Personalty Disorder

Christine Sizemore is a Schizophrenic from the United States who has been diagnosed with 22 personalities. The blind lady, the virgin, the banana split girl, and the mute were among the personalities. All of these personas were eventually blended into one through significant therapeutic effort. The divide was caused by horrific experiences in her life that occurred before she reached two years old.

Although astrology is unable to provide an explanation for what developed, a person’s birth chart does not always shout “Multiple Personality Disorder.” On the other hand, the horoscope has the potential to shed light on some of the general trends and patterns that a person’s nature is “destined” to encounter.

In Christine’s birth chart, the Sun is shown to be in an “exact” square to Pluto, while the Moon is in a close a square to Neptune.

Mercury, the planet that governs communication, thought, and analytical capacity, is having trouble in this chart; it rules dialogue, ideas, and analytical capacity and is in fall in Pisces and receives a square from Mars in Gemini, which is considered to be malefic by traditional astrologers.

The fiery nature of Christine’s chart also shows that Mars’ is a singleton (the only planet in air).

The solitary planet Saturn is in the sign of Sagittarius in the fourth house (the only planet in the lower hemisphere).

The planets on angles: the Moon is square to Neptune, while the god of water, Neptune, is settled in his own domain (12th) making this a powerful and dominating aspect of the chart.

Uranus is in the 8th house at 0 degrees Aries, and it might represent healing and transformation (8th), along with sudden (Uranus) feelings of being pulled into the depths of Pluto’s realm, as well as significant breakthroughs in the individual’s personality.

To begin, there is no one, clear predictor of mental health, and we are unable to diagnose it or astrologize it based only on a person’s birth chart alone. Nevertheless, there are indications in the natal chart that bring to light aspects of a person’s life that are difficult to overcome. In this field of astrology, medical astrologers have some important hints to provide, so let’s have a look at how they study mental illness and Schizophrenia in a person’s horoscope:

C.E.O Carter, Encyclopaedia of Psychological Astrology  says the significators are “22 degrees of the mutables and when Mercury is related to Mars by aspect or sign position. Moon or Mercury, or both, are in all cases in aspect to Neptune.

Comment: Mars is in mutable sign and positioned at 22 degrees in Christine’s horoscope. The Gemini (mutable) Mars is in the sign of Mercury, while Mercury is square to Mars (Gemini). The Moon is in a square aspect with Neptune, which has a significant impact overall. This EXACT astrological hit is such a fantastic way to start.

Doris Chase Doane, Astrology: Astrology: 30 Years Research – says that mental illness is observed by a severely afflicted Mercury or Moon, usually both.

Comment: That wasn’t really that helpful, was it? It was a bit vague overall and could apply to most people.

Essentials of Medical Astrology by Harry F. Darling says,

“Only one factor relating to autonomic brain imbalance affecting the cerebral cortex which is also in Gemini, that does not mean that asthma and Schizophrenia are related, but there is an analogical autonomic nervous system imbalance underlying both conditions as part of astrological findings. The analogy is noted also in treatment since schizophrenia medications derive from antihistamines used to treat allergies.”

Comment: An intriguing observation, but it only applies to a sign.

Astrology in the modern world – by Derek Parker:

In their most bizarre form, delusional systems are encountered in patients suffering from paranoid schizophrenia; they afford a further example of man’s need for explanations. To suffer from schizophrenia is to undergo an experience of progressive personality disintegration of a most disagreeable kind, interrupted from time to time by crisis of personal identity during which the individual may feel that his sexual and aggressive impulses do not belong to him but are in fact intruders forced into his mind by the agents of a sinister conspiracy whose sole intention is to produce the unbearable state from which he is suffering. While Schizophrenic delusions represent on the part of the patient to render his circumstances explicable and to create some kind of order out of his own private chaos, astrology, I submit, represents a similar attempt at operating on a collective level.

The fact that Christine has the Sun in Aries, which represents individuality, in the 8th house of crisis and is square to Pluto indicates that she has had to undergo a process of transformation in order to become “individualized” or have only one single identity (Aries). The Sun is struggling to shine its light in the 8th house, which is connected to complexities, traumas, crises, and conditions that include a never-ending cycle of death and rebirth. This is a particularly sensitive point since the Moon is square to Neptune, and any early-life trauma may cultimate in a desire to withdraw and seek solace in a fictitious world if it is experienced. Due to the fact that the Moon symbolises the unconscious ego, Neptune’s influence might manifest itself in her life as a tendency toward confusion, delusion, and an inability to perceive reality. Additionally, the planet Neptune is located in the twelfth house (its own home) in conjunction with the ascendant, which is often a strong indicator of multiple personality disorder in a person in many cases or even with Neptune rising int he chart.

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