Libra: Songs of the Zodiac

As the scales of balance, Libra is the only sign in the zodiac represented by an inanimate object rather than by an animal figure or human. The life of a Libran involves constant balancing acts in relation to others. Libra’s scales are constantly weighing experiences and striving to create an ideal world of civilized behavior, fairness, and harmonious atmospheres. However, sometimes those born this sign are incapable of knowing their own minds and have a reputation for being indecisive. In Libra’s psyche, everything is mirrored and balanced by its opposite.In medical astrology, the sign rules the kidneys, the pair of scales in the body that regulate and balance the workings of the internal system.

In Libra, we become conscious of the need for partnership, and those born under this constellation are believed to be skilled diplomats and peacemakers. Libra’s relationship to Aphrodite – goddess of love – represents the ideal of beauty and relationships, the sign is unlikely to be cruel or deliberately injure another, and this innate sense of justice understands that ill-thought-out actions affect others, too. Although this often means they are unable to deal with intense and uncivilized emotions such as jealousy, rage, hatred, and revenge. As an air sign, ruled by Venus, the mental facilities of Libra are intellectual and artistic with a predisposition towards romance. The sign has the intrinsic capacity to bring together opposites and to build bridges between warring factions and so they excel in creating harmony and understanding.

Libra Songs of the Zodiac

Love is in the Air ( John Paul Young)
Opposites Attract (Paula Abdul)
Sweet Harmony (The Beloved)
Cupid Boy (Kylie Minogue)
It Takes Two (Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston)
Perfection (Danni Minogue)
Sweetheart (Mariah Carey)
Someone Like You (Dina Carrol)