Sun in the 8th House

The individual who was born with the Sun in the 8th house has a proclivity to live a life filled with drama, intensity, and even tragedy. They are drawn to dramatic events and are pulled to elements of reality that are hidden, unexplained, or taboo to discuss. One aspect of their life’s meaning and journey is building the inner faith and courage to study the darker aspects of their lives, which are critical to their overall sense of fulfilment and happiness. At first glance, characteristics of human emotion that appear to be fundamental and harmful are brought to light and examined. Love, loss, death, power struggles, and social isolation are all examples of life’s worst challenges. The individual is always driven by an underlying desire to learn more or to delve deeper. The occult, psychology, psychotherapy, investment, research, and social power are all conceivable areas of interest for the Sun in the 8th house. The fact that they have such a natural intuitive awareness of other people’s resources allows them to mine deep and keep digging until they discover what they desire.


I have observed several interesting things about people with the Sun in the 8th house. In one sense, we might interpret this placement as a statement that the individual needs to make a relationship with the hidden world, the unconscious, in order to fulfil himself or herself. The destiny or purpose of life – which I think is very bound up with the Sun’s house placement – here lies in bringing light to the dark world of the Other within himself. By Liz Greene, The Development of Personality: Seminars in Psychological Astrology

An innate sense of vulnerability sites at their core, and often a strong desire for devoted partnerships, are felt by individuals who are born with the Sun in the 8th house. Since their lives are centred on the expression of themselves through a bonded relationship, they don’t only interact with others; they merge with them. Due to the fact that the 8th house operates at a level beyond awareness, ego-death or dramatic metamorphosis usually results in an irrevocable fate, in which some aspect of the individual ‘dies’ in order for new life to emerge in its place.

Planets in the 8th house tend to express themselves as though they were demonic forces erupting from a hidden realm. Physical death, as the outcome may sometimes occur. Equally, other types of deaths may ensue. Planets in the 8th house, because they emerge from unknown levels of the psyche, often shatter existing situations and provoke great anxiety and distress. Liz Greene, The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption 

Furthermore, the 8th house signifies our ability to go past the surface of things and create something entirely new. Deep interpersonal interactions are required for self-development, and the individual will frequently have profound ‘psychic’ ties with the unseen worlds, for example, shedding light on subjects such as loss, mourning, death, and abuse. According to Jungian astrology, all of the watery houses have a relationship to familial legacy as well as any anxieties from infancy that have never been brought to the surface of consciousness. His or her parents’ suppressed unconscious energy from the past must be brought to light in order for the individual to heal.