Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn is the planet of perception, and it senses the reality of the world. Those born with this placement naturally demand to be provided all of the evidence to support a specific claim, yet their inherent scepticism can occasionally verge on cynicism. An efficient and structured mind makes this placement ideal for administrative activities such as data handling, planning, managing, or organising; this placement has an excellent head for business – it is straightforward, trustworthy, and practical. The more rational the mental state, the less likely it is that it would be impressed by exaggerated claims or promises, because speculative thinking is often distrusted. The mind has a practical bent, and it is disciplined, thorough, and capable of sustained focus for long periods of time. The preference for being considered an authority on a certain subject is associated with this stance. Just before they speak, they will carefully review their words to ensure that what they have to say is correct. If their initial beliefs are not supported by objective data and verified facts, he or she may be hesitant to communicate them.

Mercury symbolises communication in all of its forms: the written and spoken word, conversing, teaching, writing, lecturing, and reasoning. Mercury represents how we learn, think, and communicate, and it describes what we think about, how we say it, and how quickly, or slowly, we reply to written words, text messages, and telephone conversations. Mercury also governs our view of life, which includes how we make judgments and choices, as well as how we consume and process information. Anyone with   Mercury in Capricorn is more likely than not to resort to the past for solutions than attempting something fresh and unproven. Because of their cautious and suspicious character, it is frequently difficult for them to learn anything new, and it takes time for them to put their ideas into practise in a practical and useful way. When Mercury is in Capricorn, what is taught is kept for a lengthy period of time, and the individual is more at ease with facts and concepts that are conventional and conservative in their outlook.

The mind might be solemn, depressed, and gloomy at times. Mercury in Capricorn individuals appreciates spending quiet time alone for contemplation and to read books. If they make a dumb mistake, they might be quite critical of themselves at times. Mercury in this sign is a born worrier, and spends much of his time envisioning the worst-case scenario. They must accept their anxieties, but they must not linger on them for too long. However, despite all of this, they maintain a strong sense of perseverance, organisation, and procedure, if not at times becoming inflexible. Capricorn is a traditionalist who believes in what has been tried and proven. Mercury’s sense of humour in Capricorn is dry and sardonic, as well as realistic; it normally sees things for what they are, and they are not easily deceived. This grounded sign will not leap to conclusions, and may be sceptical of concepts that are far-fetched or ungrounded. All of their decisions are based on reason and caution, and every danger is thoroughly considered. Last and most importantly, they do not want to be labelled as unintelligent, thus they work really hard to achieve recognition in their chosen field of interest.