Neptune Transits the 7th: The Sea of Relating

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Neptune transiting the 7th house is disillusioning and if there are people that we have weaved our idealizations around then we soon learn they were never what we imagined them to be. Hard Neptune transits (conjunction, square, or opposition) can bring with them a form of disenchantment. Perhaps the disillusionment happens within a relationship and we feel a partner has deceived us, and so we feel drained and used. Neptune transitions could be a time when we ‘lose’ ourselves in another person. We become ‘hooked’ on a relationship and cannot see its flaws. With Neptune, we really don’t know who is doing the fooling, and we tend to view someone through rose-tinted glasses and put them on a pedestal. When illusions are shattered, people become flawed and real again. When Neptunian relationships turn out to be all weird, deceptive, and confusing, I need to be the Robin Williams screaming at Will Hunting, “It’s not your fault!” Some feel cheated and feel they should’ve known. They should have intuited, and so feel they deserved what they got. But here’s the thing: stop trying to rationalize it. This is Neptune we are talking about.

Neptune transits can make our lives feel unreal for some time, and we can feel out of touch with reality. It is a nebulous period and where fantasy is more appealing at these times than any other. Neptune can make everyday life seem drab and unappealing, we don’t see life clearly, and illusions can obscure our judgment. Disillusionment is really mourning the loss of our core illusions, and so it is usually a dream that we have created and we have built our hopes up. We may chide ourselves and wish that if we had only looked more honestly, objectively and realistically we’d have seen it coming. Even if we are normally very pragmatic and down to earth, we will find ourselves acting more strangely now. Neptunian themes on the 7th house can represent women who lose individuality in relationships – a woman seems to sacrifice much of her self, and sometimes her sanity when in relationships during this transit. To change, she might not allow her emotional sympathies to rule over her choices. I have noticed that other factors in the chart show a strong, competent, successful woman who can handle any situation before her. But all that strength and confidence go out of the window in the relationship sphere of life when Neptune is moving through the 7th house realm and forms a challenging aspect to another planet.