Mars Trine Uranus

tumblr_mvbj79KhQ61rbgn4zo1_500A Mars trine Uranus individual possesses an independent spirit and they usually like to do things their own way. Mars-Uranus aspects indicate a quick excitability with a blending of assertiveness, intuition, progressiveness, and inventiveness. They possess daring leadership skills and are assertive and aggressive in a pioneering way.

Sometimes the individual also attains engineering or mechanical skills. Carter describes this contact as knowing his or her own mind. This is a decisive combination and the person can be highly original in action. Mars-Uranus also likes to try new things, and will love to take on challenges which force them to discover new resources giving them an inventive quality. The contact is great for inspiring others towards greater potential, and they can be described as buzzing with energy, and usually get away with being a little rebellious. The Mars trine Uranus person may be good with computers, inventing, electronics, scientific projects or astrology.

These are the type of people that may make us feel like we are always a step behind them. Mars-Uranus is quick to react to new trends and enjoys making decisions, guided by superb intuition. The person has a strong feeling of independence, and never follows the crowd. Mars gets electrified by Uranian lightening and their energy is self-willed. Moreover, Mars-Uranus doesn’t understand limits and only thinks in possibilities and potential.

Those with this aspect tend to go about fulfilling their needs with intuitive brilliance. Reflexes are quick; plans of attack strikingly effective and unique. This aspect shows an ability to get one’s way no matter what. Character and Fate: The Psychology of the Birthchart (Arkana’s Contemporary Astrology Series)

There is a powerful need for freedom of expression and they are courageous, adventurous and pioneering in whatever field interests them. They are persistent and believe in human potential and their “will” conquers all obstacles standing in the way. Mars-Uranus hates to be bound by rules and tradition and is not afraid to take the unorthodox path towards their goal. The person is uninhibited and out-of the ordinary, restless and has a high strung nature.

The person forges ahead with innovative plans and strategies. The aspect is also said to be great for problem solving and getting out of tight corners. The person has an experimental approach and their willpower serves them well. They can also be dynamic and respond quickly and spontaneously to challenges. The Mars-Uranus type of individual enjoys physical activities that test the speed of their reflexes. They have a massive desire to see progress and change and hate stagnation.