Venus in the 6th House

e90b950fb7b2b5c41404f36d6c9d5f4fAn individual with Venus in the 6th house promotes harmony and balance in their place of work. Venus here brings pleasantness to day-to-day living, and this type will usually enjoy a peaceful working environment. Another significant factor in their personality is their ability to appreciate the smaller things in life. When loving others, they like to serve them, doing something tangible to show their affection. The 6th house in astrology has to do with our everyday routines in life, our work, and attending to our bodily needs.

Those with Venus here are often popular with their fellow workers and need to work in a pleasant atmosphere; they bring a loving quality to any role. The individual has the ability to cooperate with co-workers, and their relationships within the work setting are important to them. This position of Venus, involving the planet also known as Aphrodite in mythology, can indicate working with women on a daily basis.

Venus in the 6th house finds pleasure in the daily routine of life, and may also express itself through an interest in health and beauty. This can extend to interior design, art, floristry, diplomacy or sociability skills. Whatever the situation, Venus here needs to find lovely and beneficial in their work. The individual needs to value what they do every day, and dull and drab environments are not appealing to their aesthetic nature. They have considerable artistic or creative skill and may sew or do other handiwork crafts.

016922-3d-transparent-glass-icon-symbols-shapes-female-symbol2-sc48The key to this placement is finding a job they really like, love, and appreciate; they’re suited to professions that please others. Enormous value can be placed on the art of service and a sense of productivity helps to boost self-esteem; there can be a love of craftwork, design, and combining artistry with meticulous detail. The person might enjoy doing chores, and takes pleasure in fine-tuning their daily tasks.

With Venus in this position, both friendships and love are more likely to come about through work.  Working conditions and relationships tend to be pleasant and harmonious. people with Venus in the 6th house have a love of beautiful clothing and often ability in dressmaking and fashion design. Although they aren’t necessarily robust, their health tends to be good, and it often improves with marriage. Learning Astrology: An Astrology Book For Beginners

Venus in the 6th House – Working for Pleasure

Venus in the 6th house may be prone to love affairs at work. The working environment usually provides a venue for potential lovers. They may enjoy a combined work environment with their partner. The individual may also fall in love with someone who provides a daily service. On another note, this placement can often indicate a love of pets or someone who loves their job – substituting it for a partner. Health problems may stem from being overindulgent, lazy or there is a pronounced sweet tooth. In contrast, the individual may also enjoy physical fitness and health, and have a regular health or beauty routine every day which makes them feel good.

Venus is always cooperative, harmonizing and balancing and this may be part of the daily work performed. Venus may fall into some conflict with others, and this is due to the love of fixing loved ones. A part of nature will always be reserved and withheld, they need privacy and time alone. Venus can be extremely self-critical in this position and externally seeks to improve the self and is always drawn to things that need readjustments.