Sun Rising

An individual born with the Sun Rising will often possess leadership ability, and they need to strive for some kind of significance in life. In fact, it would be great for them to begin something new and execute it with self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-assurance. Sun rising is pressured to succeed, and to stand-out and be individual in some way. In many ways, they do need to set themselves apart from others and to follow their own path in life. The native has a need to “shine” in the field of an area that interests them. More introverted personalities will not enjoy being on “show” all of the time. Sun ascendants have the most difficult job of trying to hide. It can result in the person being very self-confident and sure of themselves, but it may also make them feel self-conscious, and overly identified with their self-image in the eyes of others.

The sign rising will be strongly evident in the personality and so the sign traits should be greatly amplified in a reading. The aspects formed to the Sun should also be carefully analyzed to see how the person is at ease with themselves and how easy they find it to radiate the inner person to the outer environment. If the Sun is in the 12th house, for instance, the individual may have felt overlooked in childhood. At some time in their life, though, there is the task of making themselves known and stamping their identity onto their persona. Sun rising needs, more than any other planetary configuration, to make an impact on the environment through personal style and originality. Astrologically the Sun relates to the father and he may have had a powerful influence on the individual’s life. Aspects formed to the Sun describe how the individual perceives the father and his influence over them. Sometimes the father is a very dominating influence in the child’s first months of life.

The individual may want to lead in some capacity, start their own business venture, or achieve recognition in their chosen sphere. The best way to know what your particular challenge involves – is to understand the myths surrounding your Sun sign. The Sun sign will reveal to you in greater detail the type of struggle you personally face. Yet, the Sun always needs the challenge to develop its core identity, and we get nowhere without heading towards the Sun. For example, the myth of Aries involves believing in one’s vision and being true to themselves, and this ultimately involves some kind of challenge from authority or other oppressive forces. The myth for Virgo involves developing some kind of skill, expertise, technical knowledge, and competency in some specialized area. They are usually adept at using their hands to create or fix things. These people love to organize and categorize everything. One of the challenges in the myth of Virgo is striking a balance in their relationships vs. work and independence, and sometimes a period of life must be spent alone. A part of Virgo’s life must be sacrificed so that they can work on these innate potentials. In the end, the need to make an impact on the world, for those with the Sun Rising, is very powerful.

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