Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy: Moon Square Pluto Transit

14d075de826dbaa3ff778b97d79002c7Angelina Jolie recently revealed that she had a double mastectomy to reduce her chances of getting breast Cancer. The process began earlier this year and was completed in April.

In her astrology chart, the star has a natal Moon opposite to Pluto aspect and this contact reflects how her own mother (Moon) fought against Cancer for ten years. Jolie was born with the Moon in Aries and the current transit of Pluto through the sign of Capricorn has been squaring her natal Moon/Mars conjunction for some time now.

In a previous article, I detailed some of the events that can happen under a major Moon-Pluto transit in a woman’s chart. 

Many other life-altering events that occur under a Moon-Pluto transit include hysterectomies, uncovering a life threatening illness, suffering from a family bereavement, or experiencing an abusive relationship. She may experience trouble getting pregnant, sexual problems, miscarriage or an abortion.

On every level there is a deep and profound loss of some kind. Any kind of loss also asks for a period of grieving for what has passed and this is a natural part of the process. Moon-Pluto transits can bring some form of crisis into our personal lives, and during this time we will experience our emotional life and body more intensely and there might be literal or figurative life and death issues to deal with.

We may be even trying to keep our dark and despairing feelings repressed and trying to push them deeper down.

I wish Angelina and her family well in her recovery and the positive side is that she has reduced her chance of getting Cancer.