8th House Astrology: The Horror of Love

tumblr_n7bjm7I5MH1qm3f6so1_500Horror films generate such unpleasant feelings in us, and yet they are frequently the preferred movie option for first or second dates. The horror film portrays such heinous cruelty and murder, and they frequently depict the most morally repugnant side of human nature, as well. According to Zillmann’s research on couples who watch horror films together, he discovered that the reason opposite gender pairs watch horror films together is to establish a certain type of relationship on the basis of “his” strength in facing horrors and “her” weakness in seeking support in his arms.

It is the 8th house arena where our emotions are equally heightened, our intensity levels are enhanced, and where the true monster may be our other half that is discussed in detail in the preceding research. What happens when a horror story is reenacted inside the confines of one’s own intimate relationships? The 8th house, in addition to regulating our personal relationship, also governs the areas of our lives where we are pursued, bullied, and made to feel like we have no power. It may be the setting for some of our most painful battles; it is the home of sex, desires, and shared possessions; and many of these themes reach a boiling point in intimate relationships.

The 8th house is historically considered as the house of life, death, and rebirth, and it governs sexual connections, as well as one’s fate and destiny. In this region of the horoscope, there is always a great mystery that has to be answered. It is possible that the 8th house is a little more twisted and incorporates adult activities, as well as playing in some harmful and poisonous waters, whereas the 5th house is full of heart, joy, and infantile pastimes. Rosabeth Kanter has a wonderful expression about intimacy, which I believe is really accurate of this sphere of life. She refers to it as “the discovery of Adulthood,” which refers to the process of continual adult growth and change. The house of Pluto represents the unconscious aspect of relationships; it is here that we are attracted into deeper and deeper levels of interaction, requiring us to confront what is buried, secret, veiled and hidden, with the ultimate objective of inner change and transformation.

Some astrologers regard to it as the house of psychic inheritance, meaning that it represents the baggage that our families have left for us on the unseen plane, rather like handing us a credit card with a balance of debt that we did not incur. It was referred to as the “psychogene” in the Psychological Astrology workshops taught by Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas, because it dealt with emotional issues. As part of this exploration, it was discovered that for many people, the anger of their emotions is acted out, which can be traced back to what is commonly known as the vicious circle, which manifests itself in the form of complex problems, frustrated feelings, and painful relationships within the family. Not only do we recall how uncomfortable it was when our parents disagreed, but we also instinctively seek a partner with whom to communicate our problems since they may be dealing with something similar. In one of Liz Greene’s statements, which struck me as realistic, she stated that the violent individual generally suffers from the same sense of powerlessness as his victim, and as a result, they are a mirror image of one another, both suffering from the same wound.

We unleash our psychological problems in the eighth house, and the game-playing that occurs serves as a substitute for authentic intimacy; it is the house where unresolved childhood issues burst through during an argument, and we say nasty things that, once said, have permanently changed the relationship. Those who are wiser say that giving up our soul to someone, letting them in on our innermost thoughts, fears, and feelings is what it feels like to be completely naked. At its most basic level, intimacy is familiarity, connection, and a private space for two people to exchange love, and that’s exactly what being unclothed means: stripping down to our most primal emotional selves, and that is the ultimate turn-on. As a battleground rather than a playground, Pluto’s home may be a difficult place to be, yet it is via the archway of intimacy that we can join with others more profoundly and develop a psychological relationship. We are hurled into the house of psychology only in the 8th house because it describes the severe emotions of personal connections such as love, death, agony, and depth. The people in our lives who are closest to us, as well as ourselves, are the ones who we psychoanalyse the most. It is the potential of toxic relationships to open the doors to change that gives them their power; but, they also have the ability to drive us to our breaking point, pushing us to our limits, and frequently spinning out of control.

When it comes to love in the 8th house, with the planets Pluto or Scorpio, the playing field is a little different. It is possible to find it attractive and sexually stimulating to have a relationship that is full with drama, conflict, and is always in combat mode. Others find it disgusting, believing that we are crossing dangerous boundaries and that our feelings, as well as those of our partner, are frightening. When a love connection has devolved into a horror show, we can tell because it is replete with manipulation, mind games, and cruel conduct. In the 8th house, it may be difficult to put your faith in others; there is a lot of suspicion and paranoia, as well as secrets kept hidden. If we are concealing anything, it is likely that our partner has ideas about which he or she is not openly discussing them, and it can be terrifying to be kept in the dark about these thoughts.

Relationships are represented by the 7th house in the horoscope; it represents the pleasant side of relating, such as being kind and thoughtful, and constantly striving to maintain a sense of balance in the partnership. The house that follows is the 8th house, and it is in this house that all of the intense emotional material may be found. The former house is associated with Libra and is associated with idealistic friendship; it is associated with energetic (cardinal) collaboration with a companion. A connection is frequently sought for in order to obtain self-knowledge through the process of reflection from an objective point of view. The Libra sign represents the beginning of a relationship, when we adjust to one another and portray ourselves in the most favourable light. Our behaviour is polite, cordial, and flirty in the beginning of the relationship. The fault with this style of “good” connecting, on the other hand, is that we have a tendency to bury our true sentiments while desperately attempting to preserve the “perfect picture.” A genuine connection must be able to withstand a difficult emotional crisis, and faking will not suffice.

Whether it brings a partnership closer together or tears it apart at the seams, the 8th house will put our emotional strength to the test. People who are closest to us are the ones who have the greatest ability to damage us, and when a domestic struggle breaks out in a relationship, all of the unspoken hatred comes to the surface and manifests itself. The “stuff” we’ve been avoiding in a relationship for fear of conflict and separation is now laid naked, with the ugly face of a jealous, abusive, and controlling spouse exposing himself or herself to be the most obvious manifestation. A mirror of the unhealed scars from the past yearning for a safe place to surface (8th) and heal, jealousy, possessiveness, and other intense emotions emerge in the partnership. Our relationships do not have to be minefields; we simply need to discover what true intimacy is.

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