The Moon in the 8th house represents a deep, powerful, and extremely loyal emotional makeup. In addition, your feelings have an instinctual force and a depth of insight that is unrivalled. This placement causes you to unconsciously tap into your inner resources, which might result in an overdeveloped survival instinct, as well as heightened sensitivity to deep emotions and fundamental instincts. The ability to look beneath the surface of existence provides you with an honest view of the world.

Because you are influenced by all emotional inputs in an exceptionally powerful way, you may have a lot of emotional wounds, unpleasant sentiments swirling beneath the surface that are buried, and this can sometimes result in an overreaction to circumstances or occurrences. Something happened early in childhood that caused trust issues, trauma, and psychological anguish, as well as a sense that something wasn’t quite right. Often, family relationships have entailed emotional outbursts, dominance, and even brutality. You learnt to protect yourself, but you also had to repeat family patterns. Approaching this aspect of life is always a hugely complicated subject, and something within the psyche is usually trying to heal emotional scars.

Abandonments, trauma, crisis, family secrets, legacies, and skeletons in the closet are all ruled by the 8th house. Something in your family’s history may have produced an environment in which you felt uncomfortable, threatened, and exposed to the worst aspects of human nature. Alcoholism, abuse, violence, insanity, murder, criminal activity, and typically something dramatic can all be found in a gloomy family background. Emotional conflicts for control, emotional betrayals, explosive situations, and a repressed inner nature are all possible issues in life.

The Hades Moon never fully shows itself, and there will always be some portion of your character that is veiled. Furthermore, emotional grudges can be maintained for a long time, and an inability to let go of feelings can lead to emotional problems because you do not readily forget personal traumas, and you often carry them to the grave with you. Others may be disturbed by the depths of your love and hatred because you keep your feelings buried.

The Moon in the 8th house has been associated to the mother’s death, but it can also represent other events and her personality or life circumstances. The child born under this contact may have felt suffocated since an 8th house mother was viewed as overprotective, overbearing, and manipulative. Unconsciously, an overprotective mother can give her child the impression of being endangered. With the greatest of intentions, the nurturing figure protects, but causes heightened sensitivity to danger, and if the mother feels uncomfortable, the child is extremely susceptible to those feelings. There may have been a very deep and loving relationship, because she has incredibly deep insights into the world.

Death itself does indeed come under this house, but there are many kinds of death, and most of them are not physical; and every death is followed inevitably by a rebirth because it is only form, and not life which inherits the form, that dies. As a watery house, the eighth deals primarily with emotional exchange. As opposite from the second house, that which has physical value and stability of feeling. It is the eighth sign, Scorpio, that we may find a clue to significance of this house in matters of sex, emotional crisis, and the death and rebirth of the instincts as purified desire. By Liz Greene

With loved ones, you may be emotionally demanding, possessive, or obsessive, resulting in unconscious provocations. The Moon yearns to be fully immersed and thoroughly involved in relationships, and there is a constant craving for close, intimate unions. When it gets serious, there will always be a sense of plunging into underworld territory, as well as a need for total commitment that requires a lot from partners. Jealousy could be a problem since the Moon here can be smothering and smouldering with deep inner passions, but also deep insecurities about losing people in life, abandonment, death and of being emotionally hurt.

In the words of Tagore:

Why did the flower fade? I clutched it to my heart in excess of feeling and crushed it.

When dealing with complex emotions, it’s common to feel the need for privacy and to shut others off. You  have the innate ability to see into the depths of things and dig up riches and treasures, and the Moon here taps into the immense healing resources. You Ty are not afraid to delve into the obscure, cryptic, and perplexing. You  are drawn to fields such as psychology, psychotherapy, and bereavement counselling, where you can use your incredible emotional abilities to help others and empower them. If it isn’t something that is outwardly pursued, it is something that has always piqued your interest.

You have a natural ability to understand the natures of others behind the social masks because you have an understanding of what makes others tick and unconscious factors at work beneath the surface. This compulsive desire to understand the inner-workings of an individual, analyse emotions, and figure out the true source of pain gives you a natural ability to understand the natures of others. You have psychic powers and a vast knowledge of things, which deepens your awareness of life, and these types of insights are extremely emotionally rewarding.

Because the 8th house has this wonderful ability to discover your shortcomings and talents, you have has an emotional radar that understands that all emotional difficulties are hidden beneath the surface and that no one can cover, paint, or plaster over an issue. Y our  most natural qualities are frequently found in delving into the deepest roots of any problem.

Night falls in the 8th house, bringing darkness, oblivion, and creatures on the prowl. There may be cyclical melancholy moods with a lot of deep inner searching that happens throughout life, and the emotions can grow incredibly dark and dismal. The emotional chasm you fall into is a difficult place to recover from, and you must rely on your intuition to guide you back to safety. The void of feelings is a symbol of both depth and inadequacy. This Moon’s colour is black, a dn is drawn to the occult, unsolved mysteries, taboos, tarot, and astrology because of its powerful nature underneath the surface.

It’s tough for you to be emotionally apathetic, and it’s difficult for you to understand why others aren’t as emotionally intense, enthusiastic, or obsessed as you are. The Moon’s penetrating feelings in the 8th house tend to dominate, and if you are emotionally unsatisfied, you may become dominant and uninterested in others. You’re used to having intense feelings and being on the edge of your emotions, and you crave them. You also have a charismatic, seductive, and captivating personality that draws others in but may sometimes be overwhelming.