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Peter Lorie and astrologer Liz Greene’s book Nostradamus is a fascinating read because it includes a chapter on the Plan for America as well as unique insights for the current era. However, it is clear across the readings that we cannot always accurately predict the future. Greene, the astrological guru, has lent her expertise to Nostradamus’s prophecies, particularly in deciphering the cosmic vibes of the time period in question.

In 2004, when transiting Uranus formed a conjunction to America’s Moon, Liz Greene predicted that the country will elect a female president or candidate. From what I was able to glean online, Carol Braun ran for office back in 2004. Will she be the first female nominee? According to Greene, a significant shift in women’s status would have resulted. In addition, she claims that there is a fundamentalist religion, which would be indicative of a “breakdown” in emotional stability.

The Following Are Some Predictions


Mars threatens us with its warlike strength, 70 times will he cause blood to flow: fall and ruin of the clergy and more for those who wish to understand nothing from them. The scythe joined to the pond towards Sagittarius at the height of its ascendant, plague, famine, death by military hand: the century approaches its renewal. For 40 years, the Iris will not appear, for 40 years it will be seen every day: the arid earth will grow drier and great floods when it will appear.

By Liz Greene below: Astrology of Nostradamus

If we remember, we applied this to the precise date of January 16th, 2015, using the reference to the pond and the scythe at the ascendant of Sagittarius. Once again, according to the natal time in our birth chart for America the ascendant is Sagittarius, which means Saturn will cross the country’s ascendant during this period, a time therefore of great soul searching and having to come face-to-face with hard reality. In an individual, such a transit involves a redefinition of a whole life pattern, weeding out the unnecessary and consolidating. It is not necessarily a terrible configuration, but a sobering one. Saturn will also transit in opposition to America’s natal Uranus in Gemini, that suggests a reevaluation of all that was hitherto considered “free” in America. Another important transit during this same period is that which occurs as Pluto enters Capricorn, bringing it into opposition with America’s Venus, Jupiter and Sun all in cancer. This transit reflects a complete shift in America’s relationship with other countries, economically and through involvements such as NATO. It reflects conflict and competition on the economic and political level. Most importantly it reflects profound change in the nature of the government. Nostradamus: The Millennium and Beyond