Saturn in Aquarius



Those with Saturn in Aquarius are learning about Aquarian principles such as the brotherhood of man, social behavior, and humanitarian ideals. Security, safety and belonging in a group, may be sought, but there is often a fear of coming across as being somehow different from others or being ostracized. Inside they are sometimes over-concerned with social acceptance and are anxious about fitting in with the crowd. It may show relationships formed with older peers and could show an interest in technology, science and forward thinking movements.

It can show the placement of a loner type of person when involved in groups, or someone who overcompensates for their deep feelings of social rejection by joining every possible group. Perhaps they have gained authority within a set of people. This placement can also test the friendships the individual builds throughout their lifetime. They can also be fearful and anxious when asked if they want to be a part of a team. If their friendships are not real they are soon proven to be false.

The future and their goals may be a heavy subject for the individual and being part of a team could bring up painful memories from the past of having their right denied or restrained from full freedom. Saturn in Aquarius is very defensive and will turn away the possibility of making new friendships because of an inner wound that is scared of being on the outside again, being disappointed and let down by their so called friends. They wonder why the need is there to really try at all when they could be rejected. The individual may give off a cool air of indifference about becoming a part of something larger, after all, they have learned the hard way about fitting into groups and have been left feeling inadequate in the process.

The most human of all signs, Aquarius’ sensibility pivots on the awareness of the importance of each individual in the larger scheme of things. Saturn in this air sign seems to emphasize the development of a consciousness which embraces the ideals of tolerance and equality among all people. Sometimes those with this placement are themselves downtrodden victims of prejudice; sometimes they’re at the other end of the spectrum, privileged a set apart. The recognition of the importance of equality seems to be the effect of this placement at its best. When this is unmet, the challenge this placement represents can result in the exact opposite: a lack of tolerance or any sense of the ideal of the brotherhood of man. Character and Fate: The Psychology of the Birthchart (Arkana’s Contemporary Astrology Series)

Social engagements often feel heavy and burdensome challenges in their life, and everything involving any kind of social group, parties, and meeting acquaintances has frequently been filled with tests and trials and there is always a great effort that one has to make, and so they end up being rather defensive about it all. One of the tasks for Saturn in Aquarius is to not to worry so much about fitting in or standing out, but to focus on making a difference. They have huge skills in organizing and planning and at some time they will need to take this more seriously and overcome some of those fears.

Saturn in Aquarius feels hesitant about taking on any role and maybe not much of a joiner. However, there is a lot they can offer once they apply themselves and get past these fears. It will often feel like they are hitting a brick wall and keep meeting with the same problems, but these goals need to be manifested and made real. Saturn here needs to apply more effort to developing their mind, and it may involve joining the ‘dreaded’ group to further oneself, and to worry less about acceptance.

When they join in with others they find a few loyal and enduring friendships. With Saturn we have to do the things we fear most in order to make the progress we need and to be able to develop and grow, even if we are riddled with anxiety about doing those things. The good thing is that Saturn teaches us about doing things step-by-step and it is not about overnight results. The trouble is, having the courage to make the very first step and to keep persisting even when it feels uncomfortable. With Saturn in Aquarius they need to make some sort of a contribution and get over the hurdles and become an authority in that area.