Mercury Conjunct, Square, Opposite Jupiter

Jupiter, like the tree of knowledge, symbolises a curious and inquisitive mind at its conjunct, square, or opposition to Mercury. An insatiable appetite for books could be an indication of an overactive imagination. According to Sue Tompkins, such people are often spotted “embarking on fifty major studies at once.” Perhaps not fifty, but still quite a few.. People with this trait, like Zeus, seek to expand their horizons by acquiring as much information as possible. We must be wary of exaggerating, overstating, and overestimating when dealing with Jupiter, as Alan Oken puts it: “these folks can construct a mountain out of a grain of sand.” In an effort to broaden and deepen their perspective, many people actively seek out new experiences, opportunities, and sources of information.

The interests of a Mercury-Jupiter combination could be piqued by the study of philosophy, religion, public relations, publicity, journalism, travel, publishing, higher education, long-distance travel, law, and justice. Mercury rules over the faculties of communication, reason, and the written word. And it’s the medium through which we go about our daily business of conversing with one another in person, on the phone, via electronic mail, and otherwise. Mercury is a microcosm of the ways in which we convey information to one another, both verbally and nonverbally. Thus, a person with Mercury-Jupiter may be a regular user of a long-distance calling line, and their conversations may frequently revolve around higher learning institutions. One occupation that would require the ability to efficiently store thousands of words in one’s mind is that of an international translator. This could be a translator for books written in other languages that transports the reader to faraway lands. No matter the context, it’s essential to acquire a deep comprehension, enjoy the adventure of exploration and education, and actively disseminate what you’ve learned with others.

In The Astrological Aspects, Charles C.E.O. Carter posits that these people have above-average intelligence but cautions that they are not cut out for patient, detailed work if they lack a strong Saturn. Overconfidence and overstimulation go hand in hand with the cockiness with which people express their opinions. They are always receptive to new information, so the real challenge of this kind of contact lies in the realm of editing, arranging, and sorting through all the knowledge that is gained. The temptation is to take in as much information as possible, but doing so can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right strategies. If they can establish a foundation for some of this knowledge, they may be able to offer hope and encouragement to those around them. For this purpose, they share what they’ve learned from their research, conversations, and travels to other educational institutions with their peers.

Learning and seeing the world both broaden one’s horizons and one’s mind. The wit and humour are top-notch, the kind that make learning a pleasure rather than a chore. People with Mercury in aspect to Jupiter may have a flair for promotion and sales, or take pleasure in writing clever prose. Those who enjoy a harmonious relationship between Mercury and Jupiter tend to be more optimistic and take a broader view of the world. These individuals frequently come across information that is highly pertinent to their interests at any given time, making them extremely lucky, fortunate, and even “blessed” when it comes to the acquisition of knowledge. The mind has an innate ability to anticipate what lies ahead, and the intellect has an insatiable hunger for new information. The result is a voracious hunger for knowledge and a thirst for new challenges. These individuals have the kind of optimistic outlook that instantly counteracts feelings of apathy and sadness, as well as the mental fortitude to bounce back from disappointments.