Mercury Conjunct, Square, Opposite Jupiter

463e7e92aee3378e41e35bb01397f18cMercury conjunct, square or opposite Jupiter shows an enthusiastic mind, that has a large appetite for knowledge. It can sometimes reflect a restless mentality with quite a voracious consumption for books. According to Sue Tompkins, these people can sometimes be found “embarking on 50 major studies at one time. “Well, maybe not fifty, but a quite a few. That Jupiter statement illustrates a Mercury-Jupiter failing, the tendency to exaggerate!” Exaggeration or not those with this aspect seek, like Zeus, to have as many conquests as possible, but not in the sexual sense, more in the world of learning, communication and understanding. Alan Oken states that these people can make a mountain out of a grain of sand, so with Jupiter, we always have to watch for overdoing it and where we amplify things, overstate and overestimate. Anything that expands the mind is often pursued and usually the bigger the better.

Jupiterian areas of interest may be in philosophy, religion, public relations, publicity, journalism, travel, publishing, higher education, long-distance travel, law, and justice. Mercury is the planet of talking, logic, and writing. It also the messenger and our daily communicator, especially through phones, speech, emails and anything we use to make verbal contact with others. It points to the way we exchange information, relaying it back to others and equally by the way we process language. Thus, with Mercury-Jupiter, we might see somebody that makes long distance calls frequently. Daily communication could revolve around colleges or universities and other places of study. Possibly the person is a translator abroad for they seem to adequately fit thousands of words into their head. This could be an interpreter of foreign text, sending the reader across seas. Whatever the case, the main goal is for holistic understanding and for the pure joy of discovering and learning and communicating all of it enthusiastically.

Astrologer Charles C.E.O Carter in The Astrological Aspects says these individuals may be above average intelligence but states that it is never favorable for patient, detailed work unless Saturn is also strong. The opinions are often expressed with confidence and the tendency for over-confidence is also there as well as overstimulation. This is because they’re always open to new knowledge, and the real challenging side of this contact is within the sphere of editing, organizing, and sorting out all the information that is learned. The tendency is learning as much as possible, but this can lead to lots and lots of information with no real way to synthesize it all together. If they possess the ability to ground some of this information then we often find a person that can uplift and inspire others with meaning and a fuller sense of purpose. They do all of this by expressing the ideas and viewpoints that have been collected from their intellectual travels across their many books, conversations, and classes taken.

The mind can pan great distances and thinking is expanded through study and travel. The humor is also great with the possession of wit and funniness that makes learning a lot more fun. People with Mercury and Jupiter in contact might enjoy humorous writing or have skills at selling or promoting using such a confident way of speaking. Those with Mercury in aspect to Jupiter have a perception of life that is more hopeful and, with it, an ability to see the broader side of things. Usually, these types are lucky, fortunate, and somewhat ‘blessed’ with information, finding what is particularly relevant to their interests at any given time. The mind naturally projects itself intuitively into the future, and there’s an eagerness within the intellect to hunt for more knowledge and education. Thus, it gives a wealth of ideas, a lust for great mental adventures, and learning knows no bounds. These contacts have a kind of mental cheerfulness that quickly offsets apathy and depression and there’s the ability to bounce back mentally.