Mercury in the 3rd House

65ca4f383fee2f3a5bf2182a64a293abAn individual with Mercury in the 3rd house spends a lot of their time interested in the learning environment, short excursions, and in lots of communication. It can be an inventive placement and will symbolize somebody that has an innate flair with words, reads constantly, and is the eternal student of the world. The mind loves to engage in knowledge and to use the intellect, assimilating new concepts and, as is often the case, learning something and with ease.

Mercury here can show a witty, curious, fluent, and articulate manner. The mind has a youthful coloring, tending to easily move across information and, furthermore, the attention is tapped into the mutable flow of learning, assimilating, processing, with a constant studiousness. Dispensing information and mediating and exchanging ideas, the expression of thoughts is important and the type will have plenty of mental abilities and be alert with a strong need to know what is going on in the environment.

The 3rd house rules all manner of communications – speech, writing, to reporting information. Mercury here is an excellent position for the writer or communicator of any kind (comedians or commentators). This part of the chart shows a need to look out into the environment and to learn the names of everything and, thus, is the facilitator – bridge of language; it is the first air sign house and also reflects our perceptions of life and the way we experience the world directly through the mind. The intellect has myriad abilities in the areas of perception, classification, and with the skill of cataloging all the various information which the individual comes into contact with on their travels.

In astrology, the 3rd house has to do with the miraculous speed of all networking abilities. The need to acquire knowledge is also a means of understanding the world. The house of learning shows the vital need to communicate and offers a glimpse into how well we do with social interactions as we experience it first through school and siblings. It is thought that these early social relationships and these interactions color and shape all later and relevant relational skills. Often challenging aspects from Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto may point to learning difficulties or dyslexia, speaking and hearing problems early on.

Mercury aspects and planets in the 3rd house and Gemini tell the story of how we experienced language, communication, and socializing early in life. Researchers have greatly emphasized the importance of skills developed in early social interactions, and these form a foundation for later development and how easily we participate. The 3rd house can reveal whether we have confidence in this area or if there were severe disruptions, trauma, deep and complex emotional problems in communication that are still hindering us today. The critical first steps in language and social integration leading up to all later social relationships begin in this realm.

The 3rd house is also where we learn to differentiate from each other. It can, essentially, be the labels we pin onto one another and the ability for language development. Mercury is the messenger of the gods and a translator, it symbolizes our ability to connect one thing to another and the aspects to this planet will tell us how well we communicate

A Strong Mercury in the chart gives a highly curious nature and thirst for knowledge. Many of the Mercurial gods and goddesses are portrayed as youthful seekers of new information and experiences. When we are in contact with the Mercurial part of ourselves we are youthful students, no matter what our actual age, because we are on the lookout for new horizons and are willing to move towards them. The problems emerge when it’s time to stop; Mercury keeps us going on, restless and speedy. It is the Mercurial function that brought us language, alphabets, academic learning and manual skills…The Mercurial part of the self keeps swift and adept at picking up new knowledge, skills and tricks. The Knot of Time: Astrology and Female Experience

A person with Mercury in the 3rd house may become easily restless or bored, but it is also someone with great mobility and the daily happenings often involve letters, phone calls, books, magazines, writing, and talking. It may show a possibility of working in the media or work with telephones and computers. Mercury is in its own house in the 3rd, and so there is greater emphasis on needing environmental stimulus. There is usually a natural flair for learning, and it can be the placement of early development in communication or someone who is talkative and who delights in making contacts with others. Ideas and thinking quickly on one’s feet is another characteristic of Mercury in this position of the natal chart.

 The perception of life may be curiously fascinating for this individual. Mercury here brings their concepts, thoughts, and ideas to all of the conversations happening. It is a placement that wants to gather knowledge, and it can show excellent earning potential in trade, negotiations, transport, journalism; they can quickly speak the language of others. Usually, the urge is to make contact with as many subjects as possible and to discuss is strong because they are always interested and understand that language, talking, reading are the most delightful aspects of life, and the ease and speed at which words are formed reveals that the mind really does have wings.