Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: The Fiery Watercolours


As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries signifies the divine gift of unadulterated energy; this intrinsic dynamism has been likened to anything from the first flash of lightning to the first ray of sunlight, and the celestial gift of pure energy. It symbolises the tremendous and urgent need to give birth to something new, which is expressed as an outpouring of energy. The first sign to emerge from nothing and leave its mark on the world, it was the spark that set the world in motion. So, the Arian personality symbolises this enormous sense of emerging from a long sleep and cold winter, carrying a glittering, fiery, and furious spirit throughout life, and every activity undertaken is a reaffirmation of this magnificent self.

The 1st house, ruled by Aries, represents the person, stands in for a single energy, and is closely linked to the awareness that there is a life force. Anger, selfishness, and a dominant personality are all traits ascribed to Aries by astrologers, but in order for something to burst through into pulsating life, a certain amount of violence is required. This astrological sign need a strong impetus in order to emerge into the world, and an Arian has a hard time just sitting still; they thrive with a clear goal in mind and a dash of drama to keep things interesting. Those born under the sign of Aries are recognised for their boldness and courage, qualities that shine even brighter when they venture into the uncharted territory of the unknown and try out new things.

Aries’ mission in this life is to take action that will make them a powerful, self-reliant person; they must discover a battle worth fighting for and start the journey. A person born under this sign has a pioneering spirit that makes them the first to try something new and make their mark. Those that are like this have a fiery, unfiltered outlook on life and aren’t afraid to say what they think. The Arian soul proclaims, “I Am, I exist,” and the Arian persona is perpetually excited by the prospect of a clean slate. With no one else around to muddy the waters, they’re able to gain a profound sense of autonomy and independence, learning more about the nature of ‘self’ without interference.


A person born under the sign of Leo is said to exude an extraordinary amount of charisma and a blazing, warm, golden glow from the depths of their being since this sign represents the transition to self-expression after the birth of the identity. The drive to stand out from the crowd is ingrained in this type of mentality, and the Sun, the brightest star in the sky, is symbolic of the Leo character. Every seed germinates and every kind of life finds its unique way to express itself beneath the Sun’s illuminating warmth and radiance. Leo’s vitality is alive with the awareness of the self to create in the world, and this specific zodiacal sign is full of a childlike energy stored within a spirit that has never forgotten how to play. This is where the transformative power of fire is fixed and intensity is amplified, giving the type immense strength and a unique and admirable sense of style.

The most important lesson that the sign imparts is the strength of the human will and how creative energy can transform even the darkest of circumstances. To paraphrase Mufasa from “The Lion King,” a Leonian is infused with the light of vision, originality, and uniqueness,” which is to say that “everything the light touches is our kingdom.” Leo’s dominance over the emotional centre makes him a model of heart-centered virtues like bravery, sensitivity, and kindness. Those who give from the heart release a transformational force that benefits both the giver and the receiver. Every act of giving is also an act of getting, and so if you want to receive love, you must first learn to offer love, which is something that Leo knows a lot about.

Leo will muster the fortitude to shine as themselves regardless of whether or not others approve; they let their inner movie star to create a dramatic story. All these symbolic representations found in astrology point to the central act of self-discovery, which is why the sign must be great, distinguished from others. As fire signs do best, this means constantly acting on their own terms and never letting anybody else dictate how they should live their lives.


The driving force behind a Sagittarius is the need to understand the full significance of a life, and to find their place in the world. The Sagittarian personality tends to feel unfulfilled by the academic fare on offer and has a deep yearning for something greater. As part of one’s quest for knowledge, it’s tempting to explore the wider realms of academia; one might, for example, explore the worlds of religion, philosophy, or other mind-expanding subjects. All these things can be a never-ending well of insight and understanding, broadening one’s perspective on life; Sagittarius, being an extremely optimistic sign full of humour, laughter, and education, can also spot opportunities that others overlook.

Sagittarius believes that there are always multiple paths to follow in life, regardless of the obstacles that may lie in one’s way. Others should remember this when they hit a roadblock. It’s not about the route you take, it’s about the journey, baby. Furthermore, Sagittarius, being half-horse and half-human, eagerly leaps over numerous obstacles; they dislike being confined in any way. Since their planetary ruler, Jupiter, is preoccupied with expansion, Sagittarians tend to overindulge in the pleasures of life, such as eating, drinking, and partying, to satisfy their insatiable curiosity about the world. One’s natural inclination is to savour every precious moment, to devour all that life has to offer, and to leave nothing uneaten.

A Sagittarius person may come across as a bit of a gipsy since they are so open to new experiences, but they also seem to possess their own magical charms that bring them happiness throughout their lives. Jupiter, the most protective planet in the solar system, provides them opportunities, lucky escapes, and unexpected encounters that might truly take them anywhere, but only if they expect the best. In the end, Sagittarius will arrive at a position of knowing and understanding, and this is well worth the road they have traveled and leads to significant rewards for them on a higher plane. Sagittarians have a tendency to fire off their arrows in every direction, but they never stop developing their abilities or broadening their knowledge. Sagittarius also has a tendency to wander off in search of enlightenment, only to return home and find that the answer was there under their noses the whole time.