Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: The Fiery Watercolours

4816b9afaf7604fc160d44f3c4e04f43Aries represents the celestial gift of pure energy. This innate dynamism has been described in various ways: it is symbolic of the first bolt of lightning from heaven. It is representative of an energy that bursts forth all at once. It is the powerful, plus urgent need to give birth to something new. It is the first sign emerging out of nothing. It is the first to have made a mark upon the world. It is the initial spark that started the whole world turning. The Arian personality, therefore, embodies this immense sense of awakening from a deep sleep and cold winter, carrying a sparkling, fiery, and fierce spirit throughout life. Thus, every activity undertaken is a reaffirmation of this powerful self.

Aries rules over the first house, symbolizing the individual, representative of a  singular energy and, this zodiacal sign is very much related to the realization of there being a life-force. Astrologers describe Aries as possessing angry desires, a selfish will, and overpowering personality, but there has to be a quality of violence. This zodiacal sign needs power and force to break through and be born. For an Arian will often find it difficult to sit around and do nothing; he needs a bold direction and some drama to boot. Jumping impulsively and leaping into the unknown, uncharted and unmapped areas, his spirit is that of the pioneer shining through the soul brightly.

The task for Aries in this lifetime is to simply do something that makes him an effective, independent individual; he must find a cause to fight and set the ball rolling.The individual who is born under this sign, is, due to their spearhead personality, usually the first to walk new ground and to make their presence known. This type of person is direct and uncluttered, possessing a clear, unclouded vision of life that is pure fire. Aries will always revel in the promise of a new day, activity, and new endeavor. The Arian spirit says, ‘I Am, I exist.’ Being the first to arrive at the scene, so to speak, gives him such an amazing sense of being separate, discovering what the ‘self’ truly is without interference.

fa33da3c2b9bf912b735d396a73cf2c9Leo represents the path through to self-expression, following on from the birth of the identity. Being born under this sign symbolizes someone with an incredible charisma and a fiery, warm, golden glow that emanates from the center of his being. In this personality, there will always be a need to be noticed above the crowd. The Leonian bright spirit is reflected by the brightest star in our sky – the Sun. The Sun gives light, warmth, and life, along with all its radiant energy. All seeds and abundant forms of life grow and have their individual expression of life under its force. The vitality of Leo is vibrant with the consciousness of the self to create in the world. This zodiacal sign, particularly, is filled with a childlike energy contained within a soul that has never forgotten how to play. The type feels its core essence, spiritual gold, and a strong sense of destiny; this is where the creative power of fire is fixed and intensity heightened. It gives tremendous strength and a personal style to be admired.

In the most notable sense, the sign teaches everybody else the power of the human will and how creative energy can transform even the darkest of surroundings. Or, to Paraphrase Mufasa (Lion King), “Everything the light touches is our kingdom.” A Leonian is filled with the light of vision, originality, and uniqueness. Leo rules the heart and connects him with all the qualities associated with it such as courage, love, and generosity. Giving from the heart can unlock a powerful transformative energy that brings immeasurable delight to all that give and receive. Leo certainly understands this art of giving and every act of giving is a simultaneous act of receiving. If one wants to receive love one must learn to give love.

Leo will build up the courage to radiate who he is regardless of likes or dislikes of others; he lets his inner movie-star create a dramatic story. The sign, above all, needs to be great, set apart from others and, behind all these symbolic representations found in astrology, lies the core act of self-discovery. The essential purpose is, thus, to be inextinguishable and to shine.

fef10fe76b539ae86d7141c7cf1a24deSagittariusessential motivation is to discover purpose in life and to grasp the whole meaning of any subject with ample enthusiasm. We will often find that the Sagittarian type gets bored with what is offered in school classes and has a strong feeling that there is more to life. A larger world of learning beckons out in the world. Universality, religion, philosophy, and mind-expanding subjects are all taken in the pursuit of wisdom. All these subjects are often an endless source of illumination, giving a broader perspective on life. Sagittarius also sees opportunities others miss, for he’s an incredibly positive sign, filled with humor, laughter, and knowledge.

Even when there are roadblocks there are still plenty of roads to travel along to get to one’s destination, and this is Saggy’s take on life. Others should take note when they, too, meet with an obstruction. The route taken is not all that matters, it’s the journey, baby. Plus, Sagittarius, being a half-horse and half-man, jumps over many hurdles with great enthusiasm; he really does hate to be hemmed into one place. The mind, spirit, and body long to explore life; there is always a goal, dream to chase, a new faith to take up. The ruling planet, Jupiter, is concerned with growth; sometimes, however, this draws him to excess in eating, partying, and drinking. There is an innate need to get the most enjoyment out of life – tasting life’s bounty.

Some may regard Sagittarius as a bit of a gypsy since he likes to travel. Moreover, he seems to possess his own magical charms, which brings him luck. Yet, when there is an expectation of the best it can be something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. The planet Jupiter is the greatest protector of the planetary system and often brings opportunities, fortunate escapes, and chance meetings that can really take him places. Sagittarius, in the end, will come to a place of knowing and understanding and, as the sign is born under thanksgiving – he always gives thanks and reflects on his blessings. Sagittarians throw out its arrows in all directions, but in the process is always learning, growing and attaining understanding along the way. Many times, the Sagittarius will go off on a quest to find divinity, and look back and realize it was here all along.