Virgo: The Critic

tumblr_nirooneyUm1u6c42eo1_500Virgo finds it natural enough to find order in this apparent chaos; they seek to find a single key through to any system or premise from which everything follows reality. Virgos can transform your health and life. They are usually passionate about the topic of nutrition, paying attention to lifestyle routine and can benefit the well-being of the planet. By design – Virgos keeps things simple. Everything is in moderation and there is a common sense nature in their approach.

Virgo focuses on lifestyle adjustment, dietary transformation, and attitude overhaul. Many are interested in solid, tangible objects with their devotion to the life of the mind. Moreover, they are luminescent in their preciseness, mentally re -calibrating our minds. In a spiritual view, the mundane, closely enough observed, may be the magical key to the sublime. Virgo is superior in the common man to noticing things which easily escape attention, and in observing them carefully. A strong desire to understand or explain what is observed. A Virgoan loves checklists to ensure all the important things are covered. All the earth signs (Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn) absorb earthly wisdom, and this makes Virgo especially better able to serve others, it makes them better able to serve themselves. They are passionate about accuracy, as a mutable sign, they also possess a love of constantly searching for knowledge. The individual sets about classifying and cataloging everything and will do this with the utmost attention to minute detail. A Virgoan will index on a card of one color, title on another and so forth. Some people feel they shouldn’t get bogged down in such minitue

With a thoughtful humor, many overcome shyness, and when they speak it is often worth listening to. One could almost equate a Virgo with the Victorian from most descriptions, which I personally find charming. However, some Virgos feel the awkward, bookish, and unpopular with boys depictions adds up to the appalling prospect of being an old maid. We may wrongly believe they spend their lives mending, obsessively cleaning, and doing chores.

Virgo is also noted to be the nagging critical type, however, a word you may not have expected is related to “critic” – crises, which in Greek means a separating, a power of distinguishing; a judgement. For what is a crisis, if not an event that forces us to sort the wheat from the chaff, to distinguish between the crucial and important issues which must be dealt with and the trivial. Therefore, we are given a massive clue to Virgo’s nature and purpose, for it forces us to reveal our priorities, to apply our criteria. This is why we see so many Virgoans shining in areas to do with editing, judging and writing – in any endeavour, dance or art – where it brings in this element of critique.