Mercury Conjunct Uranus

merury-conjunct-uranus-transit-1When Mercury is conjunct Uranus in the natal chart things happen around communication and learning that uplift the mind to new magnitudes, heights, and elevations. While Some people live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true, and that’s how they define reality, the Mercury conjunct Uranus individual will see things anew.

In astrology, Uranus is the planet which turns on the lights, opens all of the windows, and reminds us there is more than one way to view any situation. The mentality is full of fresh words, interesting waves, and different directions to be considered. The intellect is electrified with light bulbs suddenly switching on, illuminating the latest trends, patterns, and movements.

Purely by perceiving things in a new light, they think outside of the box about any long term problems and how to solve them. The aspect can represent a person who studies astrology, astronomy, or science, the kind of subjects that allow them to see the entire universe. The mind seeks to explore new things; it longs to be excited by something different and thought-provoking.

uranus_u2645_icon_256x256The Mercury conjunct Uranus individual is the kind who buys the latest computer or newest gadget. Current, enlightening interests and shocking insights into familiar topics often abound. Problems are solved faster, and with uncanny, accurate hunches about the future. Moreover, the mind feels invigoratingly refreshed, alive, and buzzing with alternative ideas. Though, it can sometimes be difficult to focus on one subject at a time since the mentality gets over excited and can’t wait to find the next exciting piece of information.

“Just when you thought you’d considered all the angles, life goes from a square to a cube.” By Jared Kintz

Many things which catch the individual’s attention are often cooler, futuristic, and high-tech. It’s strange how their perspective on any subject changes as they progress through life and everything is looked at again, new light is shed upon on old subject. Sometimes they do complete turnarounds in their thinking and reveal a mind willing to look at things from many different angles.