Sun Trine Pluto Transit

sun trine pluto transit

When the Sun is trine Pluto in transit it is a great time for peering into the darkness, discerning psychological truths and delving into mysterious subjects. You don’t stare into crystal balls just to know when that tall dark stranger is entering into your life, deep inside there is a search for a way to manifest true destiny.

Let the magic happen. Right now, you possess an eye that can see the invisible. By following these daily transits, it is the best way to tap into the cryptic world of psychic happenings on an everyday basis. However, the time is particularly strong for increased awareness, and it allows you to unravel even the most hidden of secrets and look beneath the surface of life. You are in the realm where not everything can be explained by logic or science.

This is also an excellent time to eliminate whatever is unnecessary and outworn in life, from clutter and disorder in your environment, to an unhealthy relationship or even a long-held attitude or belief which keeps you from going after what you really want in life. At this time, you are more perceptive than usual and can see other people’s true colors more clearly and you may discover a secret or the hidden aspect of some situation. Something lost, tucked away, or forgotten may come to light. With this easier access to the darker side of life and new psychic awareness, there is a stronger sense of power felt, with the ability to penetrate into secrecies and sense what is going on underneath the surface; it can benefit in any kind of healing and psychotherapy, along with depth psychology.

Today, there is an unflinching attitude in confronting life’s unpleasantness, but it’s likely you will find strength in transformative energy. Pluto symbolizes rebirth and rejuvenation and any person undergoing this swiftly moving Sun trine Pluto transit will make room over the next couple of days for growth and maturity, and there is a chance for renewal.

sun trine pluto transit
Spirituality, sexuality and linking to the Otherside

You can be drawn to spirituality and erotic sexuality, along with the need to merge with others. The link to the other side is much easier to access and the dead can communicate secrets, and this silent force runs through your core being at this time as you touch the center of life’s enigmas. A powerful feminine energy surrounds the life and whispers the words of forever, and roots rest in eternity, everything is intertwined deeply inside. It’s time to realize what really matters by shining a light a little further into the dark, live with burning intensity, a passionate spirit. The depth of self-belief is felt all the more powerful. You must make use of this power and channel it into something worthy, something you feel passionate about.

Throw things away that lack substance, dig deep into the heart and uncover the real truth. It will be incredibly healing, empowering and motivating for your life purpose and destiny. Even though you probably live constantly in an inner-world of the complexity of emotion, things can really be put into a deeper perspective. Pluto can make your energy feel different, and you can be absorbed into something, and see into the heart of things. Moreover, you understand others so intensely during these times and everything is coloured with more depth.

“I steal into their dreams,” he said. “I steal into their most shameful thoughts, I’m in every shiver, every spasm of their souls, I steal into their hearts, I scrutinize their most fundamental beliefs, I scan their irrational impulses, their unspeakable emotions, I sleep in their lungs during the summer and their muscles during the winter, and all of this I do without the least effort, without intending to, without asking or seeking it out, without constraints, driven only by love and devotion,” ― Roberto Bolaño.

Sun trine Pluto in transit usually augurs a time to read a self-help book, something psychological, spiritual, about the element of change and transformation in an individuals’ life. It could occur through watching a movie, even a documentary. A meeting with someone could translate a message about destiny at work. A male person in life may express these deep qualities. It can just be a purely fascinating day and one filled with profound insights. Perhaps just cleansing and clearing a workspace is all that happens, but it is altering something drastically.