Aspects to the Moon

2788941On its most occult level, the Moon is the permanent temple of the soul, some believe it has taken us through so many life experiences that it is like Joseph and his technicolour dream coat reflecting the many colours and experiences of the incarnating spirit. Whether one believes in all of this Moony spookery and discussion about past lives it not always relevant, we just feel it reveals everything we might regard as the psyche, another word for soul. The Moon is symbolic of the circle of  protection on the horoscope and it is a highly sensitive psychic vehicle. In one sense, it is quick to respond to anything unsafe in the environment, and when anything aspects the Moon the other planet becomes super-sensitized, delicate and receptive under the emanations of the sympathetic and vulnerable aspect of our being. In another sense, when a planet is more absorbent, everything taken in is felt deeper emotionally. The Moon will reflect the other planets and it will be extremely sensitive, receptive and impressionable to those things. So, every colour, nuance, response is felt on the deepest transcendental and emotional plane.This planet also feels keenly all experiences and has taken everything down into the lowest, inward part of the human subconscious.

Watery planets are the most absorbent and everything taken into this feeling planet is felt deeper on the emotional level, experienced on the most susceptive rung of our being. The Moon can also be the part of us that can be a ‘hot mess’ with ‘too many issues’ probably reflecting the instability and emotional aspect of the being inclined to irrationality. But really it is just the fabric of our emotional feelings, and we do not always need to hide our tender spots. However, it is understandable if we clothe our weaknesses for the Moon is easily hurt just as surely the way a sponge absorbs water and we are all just so incredibly sensitive about the things we know best.

The Moon will touch the heights and depths of any planet and it is always felt inward. It is our self-defensive area of the chart where we feel incredibly vulnerable. So Moon-Pluto may feel that attack is the best way to protect the fragility of the lunar side. Whereas the Moon-Neptune will often seek an escape, and either lives in an imaginary world of their own creation, or will dull the senses with drugs or alcohol. We often guard the Moon against strangers and enemies we must use our gut feelings and they must pass our internal scanner before being let through into this most emotional of worlds.

The Moon is the great storage house of memories; it collects and receives experiences. It attunes with perfect sensitivity to the inner realm of feeling and imagination. Above all, the Moon part of the horoscope represents our ability to feel, it is our loving and nurturing support to others. Any astrological body touching Lunar has evolved on the evolutionary journey to the point where these energies have been ingrained, they point inward and represent the part of life where we feel an excess of sympathy and sometimes crippling compassion.

The planet/s aspecting the Moon contains the area/s where we are exceptionally fluid in the language it speaks. If it is Uranus, we are this wild, unpredictable, unconventional soul, absorbing elements of chaotic change. At its most difficult, Uranus is a disruptive-monster upsetting the safety and security of the Moon. If it is Neptune we are flung into the greatest sea of unconsciousness, feeling super-sensitive and drawn to dreams. But due to the absorbency of both planets we must be wary of soul-invasion. Finally, if it is Pluto, the Moon sighs dramatically, these souls are intimately connected to the painful, and long for psychological intimacy; they are imaginatively bound to the darker aspects of life.The lunar aspects talk the language of our soul, and here the volume is turned all the way up on subjectivity and emotions regarding those planetary issues. We are truly in the misty terrains of our spirit. The Moon is our automatic responder, symbolizing the ghosts of our past, and extends feelers out into the word at large, therefore, the Moon is, according to sign and the aspects it forms, the great reflector and the intimate portrait of everywhere we have been.