Sagittarius and the 9th House: Giddy Up

When the Sun is in Sagittarius, a sign that is all about seeking, exploring, and adventuring, it can be seen galloping forward with eager anticipation of where the road ahead will take it. Although every Sagittarius has an eye for a good opportunity, some of them are especially quick to move in on the latest and greatest because they are always looking to stay ahead of the curve and try something new. Since fire is Sagittarius’ ruling element, their vitality is focused on generating optimism, taking charge, and pushing forward in life. Since Jupiter is the sign’s ruler, the other planets naturally want to know: what exactly is this BIG GAL after? The  ultimate goal is to inspire a more enlightened state of mind, and this is why Sagittarius is so focused on this matter. What enriches, what gives them meaning, what lights a fire in their bellies is where the mind dwells. Seeing as Jupitarians place such stock in the idea that everything happens for a reason, they read the signs and assume that God is behind everything. Being genuinely interested in and enthusiastic about something is vitally important to those born under this sign.

The Passionate Teacher

Sagittarians have a knack for seeing the big picture and integrating what works for them, making them great philosophers, professors, spiritual teachers, and gurus. The 9th sign is interested in education and teaching because of the intrinsic connection between the two. Knowledge shared, good deeds performed, and a broader outlook on life are their greatest sources of satisfaction. Since many Saggitarians possess the insane ability to intuit the underlying truth, they are often exposed to a wide variety of religions, philosophies, and theologies that help them make sense of the world in which they live. Still, because there are so many avenues open to exploration, Sagittarius often finds itself being guided in a variety of different directions. The sign wants, subconsciously or not, to feel like they are making intellectual progress, and they need to be doing just that all the time. In the minds of these individuals, books are the means by which they travel to higher levels of knowledge.

Future Positive

As the zodiac’s biggest thief, it takes everything good for itself, including luck, opportunity, and horseplay. If it could, the sign would have also taken the smiley face emoji, but alas, someone else beat them to it. Sagittarius’ optimistic outlook leads them to believe that the world is basically good, but the sign is also correct in its affirmation that the universe is tremendously vast and replete with fantastical forces, a lesson that this fiery spirit has been TEACHING for quite some time. Many Sagittarians embark on a spiritual quest because they have a deep sense of their own divinity. Sagittarians (the Centaur; animal and human) can have a strong intuitive sense and a tendency toward dualism that can lead them to seek the divine.

Bright and Distant Shores

The 9th house of the horoscope is the natural home of Sagittarius, the sign whose domain includes expansion, extension, faraway shores, and foreign lands. We have ventured into this realm and discovered that it is the domain of voluminous publications, metaphysics, the law, and our in-laws. It enhances one’s capacity for knowledge and abstract reasoning. According to Howard Sasportas, Sagittarius rules the right hemisphere of the brain, while the left hemisphere is the territory of Gemini. For we acquire the innate aptitude to make use of an intuitive sensing gift in our pursuit of answers and tuning into a larger vision. Temples, churches, synagogues, shrines, ceremonies, rabbis, priests, preachers, and prayers are all part of the religious community, which is found in this part of the chart.

The Meaning of the Ninth House:

The ninth house, on the other hand — the polar opposite of the third — deals with those facts and lessons of experience which derive from our effort to understand and to come to terms with the ceaselessly expanding vistas of human association and human commerce. There we learn to assimilate the treasure of human knowledge which is passed from generation to generation and to which every generation adds the harvest of its many experiences. There we seek to relate ourselves, as a thinking (thus a social-cultural) person, to thought itself. We study the process of thinking, the generalizations and abstractions of the human mind, the laws conceived by that mind as tools for understanding and for ever more successful group activity.

Thus, the ninth house is said to refer to philosophy, to the abstract mind, to law. It is also related to long journeys, foreign affairs, diplomacy; finally, it is the field of religion and mystical or prophetic experiences. These varied meanings are all expressions of the basic and ultimate purpose of the house, which is assimilation of all that is unfamiliar or distant and the inclusion of all that is at first alien, disturbing and seemingly unusable. To include always more, to assimilate that which constantly challenges you with its differences, if not its antagonism: these are the requisites for true conscious expansion. They alone can make man greater and true to his destiny.

The above mentioned characteristic meanings of the ninth house should, however, be studied more closely, for much is hidden in words such as law, metaphysics, religion, prophecy, etc. — much that every thinking individual, eager to sustain and implement his personal growth, should truly understand rather than merely take for granted. By Dane Rudyhar, 9th House: How To Expand Safely and Sanely

This house of horsing around is ruled by expansive Jupiter, who can cause mental, physical, and spiritual fatigue if given free rein to grow too large:

Another type of ninth-house problem is the consequence of the constant effort to absorb more than one is able to assimilate; this may mean more food, more wealth, more social or political power — even more learning, more unrelated facts, more experiences with foreign people or alien philosophies, too many dreams.


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