Sun Trine Neptune: The Compassionate Father Figure

Wayne Dyer’s chart was an intriguing case study of the father profile, in my opinion. The Sun is conjunct Uranus and trine Neptune in the chart of the Spiritual Guru. The Moon is also conjunct Mars, which is in the 4th house of the chart, which in psychological astrology is supposed to represent the dad. Wayne had a lot of wrath (Mars) toward his father (4th) for much of his life, but it was all released at his father’s burial (see entire story below).  The transit of Uranus conjunct his…...

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Sun-Uranus: Sorry Not Sorry

Question: Individuals who have the Sun and Uranus in aspect in their natal chart have an insatiable need to be unapologetically themselves, no matter what the consequences are. As far as I can tell, Uranus tension creates exactly this state of mind: a restless energy that compels a behavior to behave in opposition to what I perceive to be fashionable at the time. While living my life, I’ve also had my fair share of reckless and wild moments, which have served to keep things interesting no matter what was going on.…...

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