Venus-Neptune can quite easily dream up the perfect lover, and often needs to experience what is called true love. This aspect has a gentle and seductive beauty, and like the beautiful mermaid, well, the individual can be all things to all people. Moreover, Venus in connection with Neptune will express a mysterious, elusive and unobtainable kind of love. Neptune lifts Venus out of ordinary relating and into an imaginable and mystical union.

Romance is usually soft and sensitive with this contact and the person possesses high aspirations in love. The love nature is all inclusive and the type is usually exceptionally giving and selfless in relationships. The combination between Venus and Neptune is a sweetly charming one, and there is an almost fairy-tale ideal of love.

The kind of love shown by Venus in aspect to Neptune is loving unconditionally and to offer love for every human being. However, this type of “sacred” love can be far removed from reality, and often the person gets pleasure out of feeling needed and fulfilling the needs of the love object. Venus trine Neptune can “easily” forgive the flaws in a partner, and is prone to being gullible. Blinded by illusions, and possessing a boundless amount of tolerance along with the ability to infuse daily life with a gentle splendor. In addition, the individual is capable of illuminating the magic of romance and effortlessly displays how to give and receive love completely.

Archetype: The Beautiful Muse and the Wonderful One: Art and Spirituality. Connection and merging. Loving adoring. Eroticism and mysticism. Transcendental love. Becoming flooded with music. Experiencing boundless love. Achieving highest spirituality through love. Being touched in one’s  inner most heart by art. Finding redemption through love. Being inspired to artistic creativity by the divine. The dream relationship.

Harmony: Intuitive love. Deep feeling of being soul mates and a wordless understanding of each other that borders on perfection. Great willingness to be devoted  and to sacrifice. Being upheld by the spirit of love. Delicacy of feeling. Mystic, romantic, idealized love that leads to experiences beyond the personal. Highly refined sense of taste and art, above all in the area of music. Key Words for Astrology

The easy aspects between these two planets show that the individual finds it easy to accept people, but it is also easy to sacrifice personal love for the sake of serving and pleasing a partner. Venus trine Neptune is attracted to beauty, music, and drama, and the individual has the talent of the natural artist. The perfection sought is glimpsed and mirrored through art, poetry, and painting. With Venus’ relationship with Neptune, the type will often dislike anything uncultured, coarse and unrefined, and may shy away from any kind of discord.


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