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Who Killed My Daughter?

This article is based on two aspects (Mercury-Pluto & Venus-Pluto) in the chart of the author – Lois Duncan. Duncan’s

Pluto Aspects: Quit Romanticizing!

Question: I’ve been reading about potentially dangerous aspects in a synastry and I’m a little obsessed with knowing more. So

Money Burns a Hole in the Pocket

I’ve seen charts before of people setting themselves on fire. The patterns have often involved Mars, Uranus, and Pluto in

Car Mania: Mars in Sagittarius in the 3rd House!

Never lend your car to Mars in Sagittarius, especially if it’s in the 3rd house of transport. In fact,  they

Research Notes: To Everything There Is a Season and Time to Everthing Under the Heaven

A natal Sun opposite Pluto aspect in a woman’s chart is a strong indication for “death of the father,” but

Astrology and Death

Question: Can death be seen in the chart? Most astrologers would give you a lecture on the unethical nature of

Susan Butcher: The Caring Dog Musher

Susan Butcher was a champion Dogsled racer. What’s interesting in this chart is part of the isolating life she lived. When she

A Jazz Pianist: Killed While Changing a Tire

The Jazz pianist, David Azarian, was described as having a cheerful undertone amidst all of the introspection. He started attending

Protective, Smothering Cancer

William Bernard of the American military, U.S. marine, awarded the Medal of Honor. He sacrificed his life to protect members of

Upton Sinclair

Upton Sinclair was a prolific writer of up to 100 books published, covering many different genres. As a proud Virgo