Uranus Transits: 2nd House

There is a possibility that your monetary circumstances may shift as Uranus transits through the 2nd house. If transiting Uranus forms difficult aspects to the planets in your natal chart, it might indicate that unforeseen circumstances have a negative impact on your financial situation. When Uranus transits this material house, it is time for new values, and it is also time to experiment with other ways in which you could earn money. 

It is possible that you may have major ups and downs in your earning patterns, particularly if you have been stuck in a rut and have a sense of being imprisoned. It’s possible that you’re trapped in a job that we find dull or tedious, but you are aware that there are other ways for you to generate income. In astrology, the 2nd house is in charge of issues with regards to value, self-worth, and security. It is a house that cannot be moved, and it is truly practical, earthy, and fixed. Additionally, it protects what it already has. Uranus, on the other hand, encourages you to deviate from your typical routines and habits in order to unlock our fullest potential for personal development. It does this by shaking you up. Uranus is the planet that is responsible for bringing disorder into your life and has the ability to free you from “ruts.” It also has the potential to bring about anxiety issues that revolve around your feeling of safety in life.

During the time when Uranus is moving through the 2nd house, you could decide to accept a job that has unpredictable working hours and salary that fluctuates. Although the employment may provide a significant amount of autonomy, the income is unpredictable. If the aspects that are being formed are favourable, this can be a good time to make money if you are an astrologer or work in another Uranian field such as computers, science, or technology.   It’s likely that traditional methods of making money simply aren’t as effective as they used to be. You may not try out new abilities or put your other talents to use in order to make a livelihood because of your fears.

Uranus rules emancipation, and the 2nd house governs your capacity for self-reliance and self-sufficiency. If you combine the two, it may indicate that you need to be freed from the expectations that other people have about the way in which you should make, spend, and use money. It’s possible that all this potential will make you feel too excited, leading you to purchase new goods like a new computer, phone, or other high-tech device. You could even utilise these new technologies to generate money. A person’s ideals and sense of self-worth are hidden underneath the materialism of the second house. If you have been relying on a single restricted source of income, now is the time to investigate the many skills and possible resources that are available to you. Uranus does not allow you remain self-satisfied and forces you to to go beyond of your comfort zone.

The most obvious effect of this transit is to change our financial situation and the way we relate to the world of money and matter in general. In other words, our values change. There could be an increase in income, a sudden windfall, or money coming to us through unexpected sources. Sometimes the reversal of fortune works the other way, and our income takes a drop. A number of people who have come to me for readings while transiting Uranus was moving through their second house had left jobs they didn’t find interesting or meaningful in order to begin something new which promised greater stimulation and satisfaction — even if this shift had meant a lower salary. How we earn a living is likely to change at this time. Many people become dissatisfied working for others, and start their own business. Or they are fed up with the nine-to-five routine and go freelance, or take up employment with unusual hours. If we have been financially dependent on another person, this transit often activates a desire to earn money and support ourselves in our own right. In whatever house it transits, we experience Uranus by choice or by coercion. In the second house, although consciously we may want to maintain the status quo, something external can come along to undermine our financial security or compel us to change jobs. Of course this is not always easy to accept, especially if we derive our sense of self-worth and security from our job and financial position; disruptions in this sphere will then activate much fear and anxiety. The second house also describes innate skills and resources. When Uranus enters the second, it is a time to take stock of our potential talents and abilities, to see if there are any we have neglected or previously put aside, which now might be worth exploring or developing further. We might feel restless or bored with the work we have been doing, and look for more interesting ways to make money. However, in any house, through which Uranus is transiting, we are inclined to make dramatic or extravagant gestures and sweeping changes, and when it moves through the second we may find ourselves so frustrated with our work or the way the office or firm is run that we impulsively give notice there and then. On the whole, I would usually advise restraint — at least at first. Before picking up and leaving, look for ways to make an existing job more interesting or exciting. Obviously, if this can’t be done, it may be necessary to make a clean break and to search for a new line of work, either within the same field or in another one. None the less it makes sense to hold on to an old job, if possible, until another is found, rather than putting ourselves in the position of being without any work at all. Also, we should remember that every case of Uranus transiting the second is slightly different, and before advising or passing judgement in this respect, the whole chart must be taken into consideration. The Gods of Change: Pain, Crisis and the Transits of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto