Uranus Transits: 2nd House

When Uranus transits the 2nd house there may be a change in your financial situation. If transiting Uranus forms hard aspects to natal planets, it could mean that finances are disrupted by some unexpected events. The 2nd house rules how we earn our income, and when Uranus transits the 2nd house it is time for new values and to experiment with how you could earn money.

Major ups and downs in income patterns could occur, especially if we have been stuck in a rut and feel trapped. Perhaps we are stuck in a boring or uninteresting job and know that we have the potential to make money in a different way. Astrologically, the 2nd house rules security, self-worth, and value. It is a fixed house, deeply practical, earthy, and immovable, and preserves what it already owns. Uranus acts to the contrary, and breaks us out of predictable routines and habits, and seeks only to release our greatest potential for growth. Uranus also brings chaos into our lives and has the power to dislodge us from a “rut.” It can also bring anxiety problems around our sense of security in life.

When Uranus transits the 2nd house you may take a job with different hours, with unreliable and sporadic pay. The job may offer lots of freedom, but the income is up and down. If you are an astrologer or work in other Uranian fields such as computers, science, technology, this is often a good time to earn money, if the aspects formed are positive. Maybe old ways of earning money are just not working anymore. Fears may hold you back from trying new skills and using other talents to sustain a living.

The 2nd house rules self-reliance and self-sufficiency and Uranus rules liberation. If we combine the two, it could mean that you need to be liberated from the expectations that others have about how you should use, earn and spend money. You might feel over-excited by all this potential and buy new things, like a new computer, phone, high-tech gadget, and even use these new gadgets to make money. Behind the materialism of the 2nd house is also our values, self-worth. If we have been depending on one limited source of income, it is now time to explore different talents and potential resources. Uranus won’t allow us to be complacent and pushes us out of our comfort zone.