Uranus Transits the 5th House

When Uranus transits the 5th house, it signifies that the area involving children, love affairs, and the creative side of life is about to change. This is because Uranus rules reinvention, trying something different, and experimenting with inner potential. And the 5th house tells you something about your hobbies and what you like to do for fun. And you know that “pastimes” are really a way of expressing your childlike self, it’s the part of you that enjoys creating for fun. This part of your life can represent literal children or something that is birthed on an artistic level. The intent of this transition means that it is an excellent time to experiment with different types of art, theatre, dance, hobbies, and other recreational activities. Discovering undeveloped and unrealized potentials is a major part of this seven-year time span. Whatever happens during this period, it leads to the heart being newly awakened. So you might begin an exciting love affair which takes us on a quest for our unexplored self, and it makes us feel like a teenager again. You could start a new artistic project that awakens a bunch of unfulfilled possibilities. Or you could even find yourself suddenly pregnant and be genuinely shocked by your predicament.

According to The Plain Vanilla Astrologer:

Can be lovers and/or unexpected pregnancies. One married student of mine who was using birth control had two children anyway during this seven-year transit. She could hardly believe it. Children are permanent but lovers may not be. It’s something to keep in mind. This transit can also bring vacations completely different than anything you ever did before or are likely to do again. You may take up new hobbies and new sports. Try not to spend too much money on it all because once the transit is over, you may have a garage full of unwanted equipment.

As Uranus transits through the 5th house of self-expression, you will project a new and exciting magnetism, but this energy can also attract some unusual people in your life. For teenagers, it could be the time they explore dating and parties, and social life. And while freedom is fun, they need to be careful that they’re not being overly rebellious, just for the sake of it. If you have children then you might have to watch their behavior during this time, as they may start demanding more space and acting out of character. If you are a parent and have been too hard with the rules, it could even be time to allow a child some room for self-expression and to explore what he or she would like to do. You could even try and bring some excitement into the lives of your children by unplanned holidays and day-trips, and unpredictable fun. However, with older children, there is often a need within them to explore their self-identities and so you may be separated from them for a while as they begin to explore their world.