Neptune: Underwater

In modern astrology, Neptune rules Pisces, the third sign of the watery trigon, and water is one of the primary symbols of the world of feeling. 1The function of Neptune appears to dissolve our ego’s boundaries, embodying the urge to go beyond limitations. It has no time for boundaries because such things separate and confine while Neptune’s desire is to be at one with everything. In Roman Mythology, this planetary body ruled by the Greek god Poseidon, the ruler of the sea and brother of Zeus (Jupiter). Neptune rules a realm where everything merges, blends and dissolves, and there appears to be a definite link between the Ocean as a prolific symbol of the unconscious, representing the deepest emotional level of our bring.

The feeling nature holds a powerful influence, and there is much that goes on within of which we remain unaware, and the experiences that we require throughout a lifetime are created by this inner self. Jung pointed that the ocean has always symbolized the group mind, or in his language, the collective unconscious. Jung posited that there is another layer of the unconscious that is shared by all human beings. Thus, the encounter with the sea is attuning us to the undercurrents or collective moods, capturing us through the world of fashion, music, film, images, and emotions.

Three quarters of the earth’s surface is submerged in water. This should give you some idea of how vast your psychic life is. When you think of all the sea creatures that scientists are still discovering- the giant squids (long thought extinct), resurfaced alive and well then you’ll begin to grasp how mysterious your unconscious truly is. People often think of the unconscious in terms of feelings, dreams and memories. But that would be like equating the ocean with what we see on the seashore. The unconscious, like the ocean, slides out past the shoals and rocks and down into a murky realm that has nothing to do with the world we live in. Your inner life is a barely tapped resource. By Christopher Renstrom, Ruling Planets

Those of us whose charts are touched by this planet are often very psychic, dreamy, creative and artistic; for we have a heightened perception of feeling, color or sound. Neptune encourages us to reach out into this inner magical and oceanic world and to enter into a kind of dreamlike reality. If there is one thing that Neptune can’t stand, it’s a dreary, meaningless and mundane reality. If we find ourselves in this discontented place we feel a desperate urge to escape and are filled up with dreams, longings, and yearnings, which are all searching for fulfilment. In other words, the beautiful watercolors of Neptune make everyday life seem drab, colorless and unappealing.

“Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.” —Albert Szent-Györgyi

  1. Many modern astrologers still continue to use the old rulership of Jupiter, and there is still a continued relationship between Jupiter and Neptune.