Mother-Moon-Astrology: Scorpio/Pluto Themes

Those with Moon-Pluto aspects in the chart, Moon in Scorpio or Moon in the 8th house, have great intensity of feeling, survival instincts, and a need to merge emotionally with others. Some of this energy is projected onto the mother (Moon), for the relationship with the mother will often be filled with emotional depth and powerful feelings. A Scorpionic mother may have been emotionally demanding, over-possessive, obsessive, and power-hungry. Through nurturing, bonding, comfort, and protection, the feeling of life (Moon) is colored by intrusive, and threatening forces (Pluto). The parent may love to stir up trouble in the family and felt like she had to hold control over everyone.

“The overly “pre-occupied mother-the type who cannot relinquish her own fusion with the child – may be portrayed in the child’s birth chart by difficult configurations of the Moon with Neptune or Pluto, or with the Moon, Neptune, or Pluto located at the Midheaven and/or in the 10th house. This may sometimes reflect a mother whose own personality is unformed, and who finds meaning through merging with, and living through, her offspring.” Liz Greene

A Plutonian child may have faced the realities of death, abuse, jealousy, and even violence. In turn, these early feelings have a profound impact on feelings about intimacy and family. Moon-Pluto aspects sometimes signify the death of a mother or the loss of someone in the environment, and it is the mother herself who needs to deal with grief and mourning. The Moon in Scorpio, Moon in 8th house and Moon-Pluto aspects are watery combinations and so the issues of boundaries are important. The individual may have been subjected and exposed to emotional blackmail, intimidation, smothering, and threatening behavior. Powerful Scorpio emotions are prone to threats of suicide and other self-destructive, manipulative and underhanded strategies. Maybe the Pluto Moon was never allowed to feel safe and they learned how to guard their feelings. Sometimes there are skeletons in the family closet and a deep dark secret – alcoholism, violence, sexual abuse, disablement, criminal activity, or something less dramatic – that was kept hidden.

“Moon-Pluto mother-love may be devouring and manipulative although often it is subtle and covert. However, in extreme cases if the combination is strong, the devouring quality of the mother can indeed make her something of a wicked witch or vampire, a mother that sucks the life out of the child and thus is obsessively protective. Sometimes the parental figure is the grandparent, usually a grandmother and where it isn’t, this suffocating history still often has its roots in the patriarchal line.” By Sue Tompkins, Aspects in Astrology

More positively, there may be a close emotional bond between mother and child which is built on loyalty and unwavering commitment. The mother is good at dealing with resources, and she is deeply passionate about loved ones. A Pluto mother is also attracted to what is hidden – the occult, psychology, healing, and anything to do with growth-promoting areas. The mother may have possessed tremendous stamina and strength in the face of crisis. When forced to rely on her survival instincts and powerful insights throughout life, she may have faced some dark, difficult, and traumatic challenges. The type of woman who has learned how to use power and control wisely, and gains self-mastery. Scorpio or Pluto placements develop focus, determination, and psychological self-awareness. Much of the emotional energy may also be used to protect the child and shows a love that is deep, profound, strong, committed, and unwavering.