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“The aspects in a client’s chart will tell you about his or her potential partners, and if a person does not fit the profile, the relationship will probably not amount to much. For instance, if a man has his Moon square Pluto, every woman he attracts will be controlling, or manipulative, or he will elicit that response in her. The woman may not be that way, but his behaviour will bring that out in her, because this is how he perceived or experienced mother. By the same token, a man who has never been abusive to a woman in his life may find himself inclined toward more destructive behaviour when he connects with a woman who has a Mars square Pluto. I had a man who was involved with a woman who had this aspect, and he said that she brought out the worst in him. He was shocked by this response, because he had never acted this way toward a woman before.” The Art of Predictive Astrology: Forecasting Your Life Events

I have found that relationships in which the charts have a lot of difficult cross-aspects are no less productive and exciting than relationships with a lot of harmonious aspects. The ones which seem to be hardest are those where there are very few cross-aspects. This is especially the case if my sun, moon and ascendant are not being aspected by your chart. Then I may have the feeling that although you might spend a lot of time with me, you haven’t a clue about who I am. There isn’t any pick-up point: there is nothing in you tuned in to receive me. I don’t register on you as an individual if your chart doesn’t aspect those fundamental points in mine. In some way we could keep missing each other. There is a feeling of emptiness and frustration that grows in these kinds of relationships. I would rather have a relationship where everything in your chart squared and opposed everything in mine, rather than one where you missed me altogether. New Insights in Modern Astrology

The sign the South Node occupies (composite chart) tells us about the prior life nature of the couple and what their soul-contact was in the past. Just remember to tilt your interpretation a bit negatively, then think of the South Node’s sign as you would a conventional Sun sign. South in Aries? Together they had a warrior’s nature and energy – but you’ll be looking at issues of stress and fear, along with the impact of violence received or violence offered. South Node in Libra? Probably we’re seeing a partnership between equals, a fair bet for a past-life marriage-but watch out for too much “politeness,” indecision or concern with appearances: the Libran shadow. The house of the South Node tells us about the physical scene of the couple’s life together in the karmic past what they were actually doing, and also some insight into the circumstances which compelled or restrained them. South Node in the 9th house thinks about institutions of learning or religion. Consider travel or immigration. Eleventh house? Movements. Tribes. Large groups of people. The nearly irresistible force of mob psychology. Second house? Issues around money or the material basis for survival. Next, put the house and sign together. South Node in Libra and in the eleventh house? They were partners, but crippled by indecision and too much concern with what others thought of them (Libra)-probably in the context of a compelling but stultifying proper society (eleventh house, modified in the Libran direction). Skymates

Venus-Neptune, Moon-Neptune, and Mars Neptune in the composite may prove trickier, because it is harder to disengage one’s dreams and idealisations from the partner. Such a relationship may initially generate extremely high emotional and sexual expectations; when the reality proves to be merely human, both people may experience deep disappointment and resentment. Extreme dependency can cause both people to become deeply manipulative and dishonest with each other. The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption

The seventh house is the part of the chart describing partnership activities. This can range from joint endeavours to business associations to actual marriages. In present times, it describes a live in relationship, whether it is a marriage or not. With Saturn in this house. Fear of relationships with present day partners that could become restrictive, heavy and burdensome after a while may prevent the individual from having any relationship at all. Early in life, the individual may avoid marriage altogether or marry for safety’s sake and become trapped on some level, forcing an eventual re-decision about the marriage. He or she may pick a “rock” as a mate, someone who is ultra-cautious, conservative or rejecting. Astrology and Your Past Lives

If there are planets in the 4th which suggest love and idealisation, and the parents split up, something of our own soul remains deeply unconscious and unlived. Then the suppressed feelings for the father may provide fodder for later triangles, because we are still seeking somebody who can embody the planetary archetype for us. This can apply to both sexes. It should not be surprising if a woman coming from this kind of family background, with this kind of chart configuration, winds up playing the Instrument of Betrayal and hurls herself at a married man. Equally, she may find herself as the Betrayed, married to someone just like the father she adored and lost. Or she may become the Betrayer as a defence, because she is determined not to wind up like her mother.” Relationships and How to Survive Them