Songs of the Zodiac: Taurus

Taurus has luxurious beauty, inner serenity, and a powerful sense of stability.
The Bull understands the physicality of life, and they need to experience the world through the sense of touch, sound, and color while also possessing an intuitive understanding of nature.

According to Judy Hall, the karmic lesson for Taurus is about learning how to live in a physical body and yet recognize there is more to life than the body and the five senses. Since security is usually a massive issue in the life of Taureans, rather than relying on money, job or status symbols in order to feel safe, there is a need to connect to a stable and secure center within the soul of the personality.

In life, Taurus does not rush into anything and has a solid, practical, and steady temperament. They have a reputation for stubbornness, but it often signifies a persistent and determined personality. The possessiveness associated with the individual, usually reveals itself in the way they like to surround themselves with beautiful objects and then sit back and enjoy the beauty of it all.

Taurus is also a collector. Of objects, money, and people. What he collects must have value to him. He will treasure it, take care of it, shower attention on it, and hang on with both tough fists tightly encircling it. This is why Taurus is often the partner people seek when they seek the real security of a stable, unchanging relationship. No matter what happens or what you do, Taurus will stand by you. He may not always understand your motives, but he’ll remain loyal regardless. Astrology for Lovers


Astrologers associate Taurus with the material side of life and with lust and uncontrollable desires. Financial security and stability are important, but Taureans also have an aptitude for bringing about sustained results, accruing practical experience, and building something permanent in the world. There is an innate drive in Taurus to live the good life, and they are very adept at making money and holding onto it too. The sign is grounded and only speaks with common sense, possessing a love of simplicity.

Taurus Songs


Slow (Kylie)
Diamonds are Forever (Shirley Bassey)
Luxurious (Gwen Stefani)
Smell the Roses (Natalie Bedingfield)
Live in the Country (Girls Aloud)
Be Still (Kelly Clarkson)
Touch my Body (Mariah Carey)
Spend Your Love on Me (Dannii Minogue)
Mine Again  (Mariah Carey)