Gemini: Songs Of the Zodiac:

The symbol of Gemini looks like the Roman numeral for two. It accurately portrays the sign’s dualistic and double-sided nature. It is well to bear in mind that the key to understanding Gemini’ss character lies in the fundamental law governing the universe – a balance of opposites. In fact, much of the sign’s symbolism involves the primary confrontation with light and shadow. According to Isabel Hickey, Gemini is the most important of the twelve signs for our earth. The reason for this is that everyone on this planet comes under the influence of duality. Within this zodiacal area is found the representation of dual forces: the opposition of the human and the divine in all of us. In mythology, this sign is represented by two brothers – Castor and Pollux. One is the heavenly twin and the other is the earthly twin. Until the two are harmonized the law of opposites will continue to operate.

The Gemini type can often feel like a multitude of people at one time. As a multiple-air sign, those born under this sign possess multifarious talents and can do many things at once. Often Gemini is a sign that connects people, ideas, and gathers information; he or she is not overly – identified with one particular viewpoint but finds many different points of view interesting. Gemini can also change from the social and friendly individual one minute into a distracted and dissociated one the next; they will often display opposite personalities at various times. Also common in the individual is an eagerness for new stimuli and a fondness for freedom, so they can explore and exchange ideas.

The Gemini symbol is also symbolic of the dawn of language. Someone born under this constellation will find that when their mind is functioning at its best, they can easily grasp new ideas, and communicate effortlessly. From this, we also see why there is such a major connection to the realm of thought – entailing a mental world that is endlessly raveling and unraveling.

At this third stage of the cycle, we meet the inquisitive, questioning, or gossipy type. However, there are Geminis that care just as much about being intellectual, studious, and mentally agile. There is undoubtedly a youthfulness to this sign which delights in new experiences, but also tends to spread themselves thinly. It’s difficult to pin down an individual with such adaptability to social scenes. Gemini’s energy is quick, alert, playful, and he or she has an excellent grasp of language. For indeed, communication is their purpose in life; the Mercury-ruled type will often specialize in areas such as speaking, writing, and information.

Gemini Songs:

1. Talk (Coldplay)
2. 2 Faced (Louise)
3. Double Talk (Emily Osment)
5. Did it Again (Kylie Minogue)
6. One Minute (Kelly Clarkson)
7. My Neighbourhood (September)
8. You Learn (Alanis Morrisette)
9. Wordplay (Jason Mraz)
10. Forever Young (Youth Group)
11. More than Words (Extreme)
12. The Gemini Song (Waylon Jenning)