Sun in the 7th House: Destiny Involves Others

The Sun in the 7th House Destiny

When the Sun is in the 7th, destiny involves ‘others’ in some capacity, and your whole sense of meaning in life pivots around these relationship connections. Often it is appropriate for you to seek a vocation in which you can work with others, where these relationships constantly demand growth. You might be suited to those fields of work where there is direct and deep contact with other individuals – for example, in the fields of counseling, education, psychotherapy, or teaching would involve the Sun in the everyday challenges of human relationships.

Any kind of one-to-one relationship is also going to prove deeply important – not only from the perspective of personal happiness but because it seems you need the catalyst of others to truly develop your own potentials. In fact, the entire spectrum of human relationships is the landscape in which you are meant to explore – and the more you develop your contacts with others, personally and professionally, the happier and more fulfilled you are likely to be. The need for self-development is crucial wherever the Sun is placed in the chart, and the need to relate to others is extremely strong.

The Sun above the horizon represents cooperative relationships, and so your identity (solar energy), purpose, and destiny are discovered in this area of the chart. This position can indicate that you’re someone who is constantly involved with people in areas such as social work, public relations, and one-to-one interaction. Yet, with Sun in the 7th house, you must also learn to value the development of your own creative expression, as much as you value others, and learn not ’give away’ your power. Sometimes problems arise when you choose a partner who is important and notable in some way, and who raises your public profile, but it also means you depend on the other for public recognition. The need for social prestige and community authority is also a feature of the Sun in the 7th house and, in all kinds of ways, this is how your mark on society is made.

A 7th house Sun, however, faces a powerful dilemma being individual and placed n a house focused upon others. You may face the challenge or have some concern about shining individually and being noticed for your own creative efforts. This house also rules the art of “projection,” and so it is thought that in the early part of your life, you tend to give away that solar power to others. You can see the solar energy in this house as symbolic of the setting Sun, devastatingly beautiful, but also said to be waning as the Sun disappears from view, and the bright light of consciousness also wanes. The Sun disappears behind the horizon every evening and its motif is that you, too, dip into the realm of the shadows for some time. It is important to realize that your Sun placed in this sector of the chart will mean that your life path takes you into important relationships, but don’t let them overshadow you. It is in the realm of relating where you have the opportunity to learn about yourself through the mirror of others.

Dane Rudhyar says,

With the Sun in the seventh house, the vital forces tend to be aroused especially in the drama of interpersonal connections. The person would generally attain the clearest fulfilment of his essential life purpose by connecting with others in partnership and in view of constructing a basis on which a feeling of common involvement in a societal purpose may be founded. The individual may be a light to his partners, or he may discover his actual calling in dealing with difficulties of interpersonal interaction – as the psychologist Carl Jung did. In a bad sense he may be an autocrat who utilises his partners to fulfil his objective of mastery. In any event, interpersonal connections will demand and get considerable attention; they will pull out the best in the individual, according to the nature of his self and his destiny.

The power of social influence is important and you are able to share unique insights into human relationships. All relationships work best, though, when there is equality or a shared focus on achieving individual goals. It is also likely that success comes through partnerships, as the 7th house is where you seek to reinforce your sense of self. At worst, with the Sun here, you need others in order to feel whole and complete, and so often your identity is weak in the first half of life, but in later years you recognize the importance of developing as an individual.

On the whole, success is rooted in your ability to interact with others and discover your own value through the relationships formed. This involves much more than personal relationships and may take you into the public arena in some form. Other people, individually and collectively, are the driving force behind your sense of individual destiny. You feel most alive, knowing your life has a sense of meaning and purpose, only if you are actively involved with others. The solar power here wants to improve lives, to lead and share, and through these efforts, you help others discover their unique gifts and talents.

Jung had the Sun placed at the Descendent in his birth chart. This means that he found his sense of meaning in life through working for the welfare of others. The Descendant or 7th house cusp symbolizes one’s interaction with others, and many people involved with teaching and healing have this placement. Freud also had it. On a deeper level the Sun in the 7th house means that one’s individual creative efforts may have a powerful effect on others. There may also be the need to found some school, group or organization to carry the “message” or ideas to a larger audience. The 7th house is a rather public house, and people with the Sun placed here do not tend to hide their light under the proverbial bushel” –Nostradamus: The Millennium and Beyond

With the Sun in the 7th house, you gain public support and recognition, serve the public with great dedication, and need to be involved with people to fulfill your purpose.

7th house Suns usually start off looking for the light in a partner. Then something goes wrong, and they have to recognise that, even if others are the most important thing in their lives, they must find purpose within. They cannot go cap in hand begging the partner to give them their sense of meaning and worth. The Sun needs to shine and give generously, but it must first discover an inner, individual light. The light can’t be borrowed. An 11th house Sun cannot go the group and say, “Love me. Validate me. Make me feel I have a reason to be alive.” It must create its own light and then offer it to the group. At certain points in life there is usually a terrible struggle around the house in which the Sun is placed, when we realise that we have to do it ourselves. As I mentioned earlier, Apollo is a lonely god.” – Apollo’s Chariot: The Astrological Sun