Cancer Rising

cancer-risingA person with Cancer rising approaches life with sensitivity and wears their feelings on his or her sleeve, they can act reserved with others until they know them well. One of the main features of Cancer is its changeable moods and protection of feelings under a layer of defensiveness.

The person will not venture forth until the environment is perceived to be safe. Being so highly emotional and responsive to the atmosphere, self-preservation is a big thing. The impact of the environment always affects them personally and beneath the emotionalism of the sign, the unconscious side longs to be self-sufficient (Capricorn). Cancer tends to act indirectly or in a sideways fashion when confronted with new situations, and movement is subtle; action is not taken until there is an assurance of security.

The individual approaches others in a sympathetic way and tends to ‘feel’ their way around life. The Moon’s moods are variable and so their reactions to the environment change depending on the level of vulnerability and protection that is sensed. The emotions and loyalties tend to color their perceptions. Those with Cancer rising cannot always mentally detach from their own personal bias and prejudices, and important points in Cancer retain experiences and naturally hold on to loved ones and familiar objects for a sense of belonging.

The rising sign symbolizes how we are perceived by others, and their  insecurity, moodiness, and defensiveness are immediately expressed. Often this changeable, complex nature has been misunderstood and eludes simple definition. It is also likely that this person will initiate feelings first and is protective of others, responding to their needs immediately. The Moon also rules the mother and so a caring and emotionally available aura is often present.

The individual exudes a soft, dreamy and sentimental appearance and reacts negatively to cold environments. The person is mistrustful of new contacts and may possess a fearful outlook. The moods fluctuate and change frequently; they are sometimes open, sometimes withdrawn emotionally.

Those with Cancer rising communicate non-verbally and pick up the subtle undercurrents and feelings around them. In relationships, they are usually caring, tender and devoted and often look for a younger partner or someone who they can look after.