Leo Rising

leo rising astrologyA person with Leo rising usually presents a confident display with a sunny exterior, but how they feel on the inside is another matter altogether. Astrologers describe the Ascendant as the “door to the house”, and astrologer Sue Tompkins uses this analogy to describe the rising sign.

The Ascendant is the lens through which we view the world and through which the world views us. Imagine you are wearing spectacles with blue-tinted glass, so as you look out into the world everything will appear to have a blue tint. People looking at you will see you with a blue tint, too. Although you may not be aware of it, other people will be viewing the same world but they will see things differently because they are viewing it through differently coloured glass.

Those with Leo Rising take pride in their appearance and project an image of significance and self-importance. Significant points in Leo often have great energy and individuals born under this powerful sign will often express generosity, leadership qualities, courage, and creativity. They proudly project their self and usually have something distinguishing about their appearance, perhaps it is the stereotypical  rich crop of hair or something else that stands out.

An innate sense of destiny is keenly felt by Leo, and there is a need to make an impact on the environment through personal style and originality. The sign projects a dignified manner and regal air, but is vulnerable to rejection and criticism, and takes in everything subjectively. The king of beasts is too proud to show their wounded side in public.

Leo rising people have charisma and personal power but have a tendency to overlook others at times. The world is perceived as a stage on which everybody else is revolving around them, and experiences are interpreted with a colourful imagination. The type is attracted to theatrical and dramatic circumstances or events. The strength of their personal power is sometimes dominating and overwhelming, and the horoscope as a whole is filtered through the light of creative expression.

Leo symbolises those things that awaken the childlike spirit and open the heart, so activities such as art, literature, romance, music, and drama are all enjoyed. A Leo Rising person will find admiration and applause for his or here special abilities in such fields. Life can get dull without any room for creative uniqueness, and this person is developing a powerful aura and a strong sense of self without being too over-bearing, self-aggrandising, and overly commanding.

Leo usually stands out from the crowd and possesses personality and presence. A need to be special can give way to a fear of being unnoticed and viewed as merely one amongst a mass of people. In all relationships, they are very warm, generous and devoid of selfishness.

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