Scorpio Rising

scorpio risingA person’s ascendant is the first point on the chart wheel, and it symbolises the face that he or she displays to the world. It may also serve as a mask, concealing other aspects of the person’s character. Furthermore, the ascendant is one of the most significant chart points in natal astrology, and it indicates a great deal about what we encounter in people after a first contact with them. An individual with Scorpio as their ascendant is the most mysterious, secretive, and magnetic of all the ascendant signs. This individual has a persona that is highly probing while yet guarding and passionately protecting their own nature at the same time.

Scorpio is controlled by the gods of war and death, Mars and Pluto, who are both represented by the Scorpion. Scorpio is the sign of sex, death, and transformation, and those born under this sign approach life with enormous passion, depth, and intensity, and are not content to skim the surface of life’s experiences. People have a strong emotional reaction to them, and since they find their penetrating stare and blazing aura attractive, the fire burns even more intensely. It’s like if they’re the first page of a decent mystery novel, or something. Scorpio will never be an open book or glaringly evident, and they prefer to be reserved and low-key when meeting someone for the first time. Others, on the other hand, are suspicious of them and approach Scorpio with caution, doubting their underlying objectives. People believe the Scorpion is peering deep into their soul because their eyes are so intensely focused on them via the physical body.

As a result of their self-control, they are prone to hold back, wait, and watch closely, and they may come across as scary to others. The sign may only feel safe when they have complete control over their environment and their surroundings. A strong sense of paranoia grips Scorpio, yet this also demonstrates their keen sense of intuition and ability to detect undercurrents and hidden motivations in every social interaction, prompting them to maintain a vigilant awareness throughout their lives. The sign of regeneration serves as a filter for the entire personality of this particular individual. The primary themes in their lives frequently entail rebirthing and vast transformations on a regular basis. Scorpio is a fixed sign, and they have a tendency to remain in one phase for long periods of time before transforming into something altogether different.

Scorpio’s identity is founded on strength and social influence, yet they also have the capacity to blend into the background while still emitting a powerful aura of their own. They are extremely deep, emotional, and complex in their relationships, and they are prone to jealousy. However, they are completely devoted to those who reciprocate their love..

tumblr_ncd52ki6GG1s20yd2o1_500Ascendant in Scorpio: SCORPIO rising denotes a reserved, shrewd, secretive and proud disposition. The fate is either tragic and unfortunate; or very favourable and exalted. There appear to be two classes born under this sign, the extremely ignorant and the highly mystical; the former are inquisitive, deceitful, jealous and treacherous, while the latter are prudent, self-controlled, and highly dignified. In many respects this is truly the “accursed sign” and it generally produces natives of one extreme or the other. A great deal will depend upon planetary positions as to the class of ego attracted to this sign, the strongest and the weakest characters being born under its influence, the weakest being those who have no control over their animal senses, while the strongest are penetrative, mystical and intelligent. By Alan Leo

The ascendant is frequently reinforced throughout birth and infancy, and may reflect the events around their actual birth, such as who was present and what kind of atmosphere met them upon entering the world. These early encounters shape our vision of the world we encounter as we grow older. As explained by A.T. Mann, the Ascendant begins to register the minute you breathe your first breath and corresponds to the formation of your personality as a continuous process.

The Zodiac sign on your Ascendant symbolizes this synchronistic relationship. The range of interpretations describes personalities derived from the nature of the birth environment. Scorpio – Disharmonious; humid; hot-headed; cautious; industrious; passionate; separate; violent; surgical; impulsive; dangerous; brutal; forceful; surviving; surgeons and surgery; Caesarean; forceps; tragic events; endurance. The Divine Life: Astrology and Reincarnation