Libra Rising

libra risingAny person with Libra Rising approaches life with idealism, and a desire to cooperate in harmonious interchanges with others. They crave beauty, pleasure, and contact with others. Venus ruled people are social creatures, and they want life to be easy and lovely. Significant points in Libra look for a beautiful world of civil and balanced behavior. The innate ability is to initiate through reasoning, socializing and diplomatic skills. The type is highly sensitized to the views and judgments of others and sometimes real feelings are concealed to defend against creating a disharmonious atmosphere. Always trying to be fair they have an undeniable social and political outlook and they’re trying to conform to a world of opposites and maintain a sense of equilibrium.

The type is usually graceful in nature and they are sensitive to color, good taste, love, and design. Libra’s view the world aesthetically and the sign rules the principle of attraction as well as the principle of harmony. Partnerships of all kinds are usually important and Libra Rising is always looking for the ideal relationship. In relationships, they are easy-going, but may sometimes lack passion and intensity, unless other chart factors disagree. Everything is approached in an agreeable and sociable way, and having a partner in life is most important. This person is, in general, willing to bend over backward for a pleasant environment.

Typically, they take longer to evaluate a situation, and the world can be perceived as a place of constant compromises and adjustments to fit in and harmonize. Sometimes there is a great deal of indecision because they are so concerned with making a fair decision. However, the person presents an intellectual, charming and refined manner. Librans usually project a cool, aloof and distant vibe, although even this side of their nature can be highly attractive. Libra has the desire to please and to be all things to all men and offensive to none.

The Libra Ascendant gives you a charming and artistic and creative flair. If you have this cardinal sign of your ascendant, your nature is to seek balance through understanding. You strive to see both sides of an issue, yet you can debate your point with finesse. Librans are often found in the legal professions. With Libra on the Ascendant or Venus (ruling planet of Libra) in the first house, you cannot thrive in an inharmonious environment. You prefer to avoid disagreements and may try too hard to please others, to your own detriment. You can be indecisive for fear of making a mistake. Your interest in people and natural social skills attract many friends.  Astrology for Beginners: A Simple Way to Read Your Chart