Neptune: Sacrifices


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Many Neptune people act in the name of sacrifice

The root word for sacrifice is derived from sacer-sacred, or holy. Sacrificing one’s life to a cause is seen in some nations as the immediate entry into paradise, and is often seen as some spiritual reward. We see some of these powerful dynamics at work here, through Neptune. When one makes a sacrifice for us, on some level, we feel spiritually indebted to that person, and if we don’t feel this way, then the most manipulative side of Neptune will ensure that we do!

Many Neptunians act in the name of sacrifice, selflessness, and self-abnegation. Sacrifice is seen as serving the larger collective and the common good, and we put away selfish and personal needs. Some Neptune individuals will identify with the life of Christ, his pain, suffering, and crucifixion; they feel their lives have a similar theme. Neptune involves many images of sacrifice and when astrologers look at a natal chart, the house of Neptune and its aspects are examined to see where some kind of sacrifice may have to be made in any given area of life.

Neptune may describe what has been “given up” and lost and the sacrifice can be involuntary or it could be by choice. When a person makes too many sacrifices, life can be viewed as a place of sorrow and longing for things that are unobtainable. There is something deeply poignant about an individual, who gives without expecting anything in return. However, many of us are wary of the deeper motives behind such selfless giving, and perhaps this is a particularly gloomy view to take.

The noblest kind of act is often viewed as an act of God, sprinkled with pure goodness, and saintly behaviour. Furthermore, the Neptunian personality can desperately search for a cause to devote and give of themselves entirely. Such devotion can extend to relationships, home-life and choice of career, it doesn’t always primarily involve sacrifice on a worldly level. There is also the inclination in the Neptunian personality, to become a Martyr, too, but usually, the victimised, wronged, and oppressed aspect of the Neptunian type, really comes to the fore when he or she is not creatively fulfilled, emotionally satisfied, and is excessively dependent.

The myth surrounding Neptune, your ruler, involves several images of sacrifice. When astrologers look at Neptune in a personal horoscope, they associate sacrifice with the area of life occupied by that planet. Neptune in the 4th house, for example, describes a sacrifice made in connection with one’s family, and perhaps one’s homeland and house. In the 2nd house, Neptune describes giving up money and possessions. By Astrology Made Easy

Pisces, Neptune, and 12th house people often need a life devoted to some kind of service relating to their innate sense of idealism and devotion to causes. But, when life feels unfulfilling, remote and lonely, then addictive substitutes are used to fill this void. Pisces is the bridge between heaven and earth – and mediates between the two. There is less of a material attachment connected to these archetypal energies and so perhaps it is easier to make these kinds of sacrifices when one is not overly attached to anything.

The 12th house has a touch of karmic responsibility and a great sense of world burden. In the astrological tarot, the hanged man represents sacrifice, and the pictorial image represented by this card shows a man hanging by one foot, stretched across two trees and twelve branches which have been cut off. His hands are bound and one of his legs is folded and forming a reversed triangle, meaning that he dies in place of the wicked ones.

Sadly, many of Neptune’s higher ideals get lost, and those with Pisces in their chart are learning to have compassion (not self-pity) and wholeness and value are often dependent on helping and rescuing others, sacrificing their own happiness in the process, and so a balance has to be made between the two.