Uranus Opposite Uranus: Mid-Life Crisis

Uranus takes eighty-four years to complete its orbit around the Sun, and it forms an opposition to its natal position in the birth chart when the individual is between the ages of forty and forty-two. It occurs at the same time as what psychologists refer to as the mid-life crisis. Saturn is also in opposition to its natal position at this age, according to astrology. Uranus is the planet of emancipation, freedom, expression, and fresh mental concepts that force their way into the lives of those who are under its influence. This is described by Jung as a phase in which the unlived potential of a person bursts through the door and hammers noisily on it from the outside.

A tremendous sense of restlessness develops throughout this period, and once the childbearing years have passed, it leaves a woman searching for a new position in her life. Men, on the other hand, are looking for more excitement, adrenaline, and a break from the routine. Because of the cycle of instability and change, an individual may be forced to end a marriage, leave a secure career, or otherwise shatter every sense of security. As a result of Uranus’ opposition to its natal position, an individual may be left intellectually, emotionally, and physically distraught, as well as very rebellious, defiant, and uncontrollable. The Uranus-Uranus opposition transit may be regarded as rule-breaking, and a societal seismic shift is taking place, causing turmoil in an individual’s personal and professional life. Uranus does not want to be “boxed in,” and desires to go forward in life in order to achieve a more advanced future.

Many men and women may find themselves in whirlwind relationships with persons who are far younger than themselves under this transit. However, this phase may also be fraught with anxiety and tension, and some aspect of one’s life is usually disturbed in order to allow for the manifestation of this new potential. The eruptions can be violent at times, and this is a period of transition, upheaval, and disarray in the world. Many people wonder if their lives have turned out the way they had hoped they would. If they are not living the life they desire, now is the time of year when they will be most motivated to make improvements in their situation. On the Saturnianside of things, a life-altering collision pushes them to re-evaluate their choices, and the mid-life crisis is a transitional period that can propel them forward into the future.

Some individuals analyse their level of fulfilment in their life, and insights strike them like a bolt from the blue; their homes, partners, spouses, and lovers may all be transformed as a result of their assessment. The instability and drama of a mid-life crisis might persist for several years, depending on the individual. The most difficult task is to incorporate the new self (represented by Uranus) into the material world (Saturn). This period is referred to as our “unlived life” by Jung, and it may be both frustrating and freeing at the same time. Uranus signifies potential, awakenings, and understanding; it may be characterised as a type of late adolescent stage of development. During this time, some individuals may see that they are behaving in a defiant manner, similar to that of a teenager. Although this is a relatively transformative and life-changing transit, many individuals choose to forego the normal route in order to explore the unfamiliar path.