Sun Conjunct Venus

Sun Conjunct VenusSun conjunct Venus represents a strong developed love nature, and an eagerness for popularity and likability. Depending on the sign placement these people are usually sociable, and want to love and be loved.

Sun-Venus is adaptable and people pleasing, but there is also an erotic and seductive side to this aspect, and they act in ways to gain the approval of others, and may cultivate a pleasing appearance. The person is loving and loved by others, and they have a strong need for kindness, friendship and affection.

Sun-Venus have artistic and creative powers, aesthetics are very important to them and they want to be seen as attractive, and admired by others. A romantic at heart, and loving person they find it hard to confront a difficult situation, and prefer to keep a pleasant personality. Sun-Venus has a liking for art, pleasure, and beauty. The person has a love of music and a liking for sweets and other confectionaries. In addition, if the chart leans towards Venus as a whole the personality may be sweet natured, social and loving, and self-indulgent.

Sun Cojunct Venus – Natal

Sun-Venus possesses an essence of grace, charm and pleasantness. They strive for harmony and co-operation, and have a beneficial effect on others. This person generally enjoys the pleasures of life, and easily demonstrates physical affection. The solar development is expressed through Venus and the need for material security and desire for beauty and peace is powerful.

Significant relationships effect the sense of self-worth and so it’s important to analyse what planets are plugging into the conjunction. The focus will be on relationships, partnerships and marriage, and the person attracts others with ease. However, there is a tendency here to compromise too easily. Sun-Venus contacts often indicate a soft, loving father figure, and they may have been spoiled as a child when he gave in too easily. Some astrologers believe the Sun-Venus individual will in no way be harmed, in a major way, by violence or accident. I don’t know if this statement is true or not, but the individual will certainly have some benefits in life.