Pluto in the 2nd House: Top 100


Trappings of Pluto in the 2nd House

  1. Turbulent times financially/Financial upheaval
  2. Fearing there will never be enough
  3. Fear of loss
  4. Secret  and bad feelings about owning too much/living on credit
  5. Financial humiliation
  6. Grief, anger and shame over loss of values/wealth/ability to be self-sufficient
  7. Ashamed of our dependency
  8. Deep in debt/Consumed in debt
  9. Believing money is a symbol of power
  10. Wanting inner security so bad that we exhaust ourselves emotionally
  11. Losing control of finances/debt out of control
  12. Possessiveness
  13. Buried financially/Financial Hole
  14. Manipulating the resources of others
  15. Blocked financially/Fighting tooth and nail for everything we own
  16. Repossession/possessions taken by force
  17. Secret debt/Money problems
  18. Feeling powerless and resentful when control is taken away from us materially/Desire to control the material aspects of life
  19. Feeling like it’s our destiny/fate to have nothing
  20. Abandoned on a material level
  21. A grave financial picture/Money is a matter of life, death and survival
  22. Extreme poverty or extreme wealth/reversal of fortune
  23. Secretive about money
  24. Obsessed with money
  25. Money corruption
  26. Abuse of power and wealth
  27. Using other people’s money/Shame about how we make money
  28. Bankruptcy
  29. Possessions destroyed
  30. Dirty Money
  31. Financially ruthless
  32. Danger Money
  33. Money and trust issue
  34. Blackmailed financially/Underground and shady dealings with cash/possessions of others
  35. Stolen goods
  36. Power-battles over money
  37. Intense and emotional feelings about wealth/All or Nothing approach
  38. Easy to attract wealth or very difficult
  39. Anti-materialistic/hates money
  40. Compulsive spending
  41. Compulsive saving
  42. Throwing everything away
  43. Financial decay/death
  44. Greed and jealousy of what others have/possess
  45. Financial rape
  46. The terror of worrying whether we will have food and shelter, enough money to pay the bills
  47. Money as compensation for a lack of love and security in childhood/Compulsion for inner security
  48. Money as a substitute for self-worth
  49. Obsessed by the fear that what we have will be taken away/Excessive concern about the basic necessities of life
  50. Material power and its shadow side

If they amass tremendous sums, they will find it difficult to spend it freely and enjoy their earthly possessions. They do not express generosity in the true Jupiterian sense, and if they should give away some of their money to humanitarian organizations they may attempt to keep some strings tied to it. Power of Pluto the Complete Book

Psychological Growth and Transformation

  1. Develop self-sufficiency/Understanding what new skills need to be developed
  2. Powerful survival skills
  3. Knowing when enough is enough and taking back power and self-worth
  4. Identify personal resources
  5. Realizing you can’t take money or possessions with you when you die
  6. Letting go of debt and growing richer
  7. Feeling empowered by what we do to make a living
  8. Drastic changes in values/resources/income
  9. Challenged to grow through loss of everything we value
  10. Changing values, remembering dreams, goals and other things we need to work towards, and honoring the most personal attributes we would like to develop
  11. Has obsession about gaining stuff stopped us from seeing our real worth and potential?
  12. Learning new skills/survival methods is scary but thrilling and life-giving
  13. Creating worthy goals
  14. Growing from misfortune
  15. Merging financially
  16. Resurrecting finances
  17. Amassing of fortune
  18. Empowering others to change their fortune
  19. Powerful resourcefulness
  20. Hidden wealth
  21. Major crisis forcing us to mine our resources, talents and skills
  22. Empowering values
  23. Sweeping Changes in values/material views/transforming sense of worth
  24. Making money from death/psychology/bereavement/crisis/taxes/investigation
  25. Financial investments
  26. Tearing down and rebuilding wealth
  27. Making do with nothing/Extremely skilled at managing on a shoestring
  28. Finding new and self-empowering ways to earn money
  29. Confronting worth
  30. New assets and survival skills
  31. Deeper evaluation of self-worth and personal resources
  32. Self-made millionaires
  33. A deeper understanding concerning money and values
  34. Less naive about money
  35. Pluto forces us to break down, rebuild and gain a completely new perspective on what we value in life
  36. Regenerative talents/intense urge to use abilities
  37. Overhaul of values
  38. Dormant talents awakened
  39. Forced to rebuild entire financial structure from scratch
  40. Inner wealth
  41. Deep reaching transformations through financial crisis or experiences of dependency
  42. Feelings of deepest security
  43. Money makeover
  44. Forced to confront our buried resources and ability to earn a living
  45. Forced to use our talent
  46. Re-defining money and security issues
  47. Transforming something into a greater value
  48. New and powerful sense of self-worth
  49. Living a more self-empowered and rich inner life
  50. A new found wisdom about what really sustains us in life/Drawing on new wealth

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