The Cats of the Zodiac: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces


The Libra cat is a people person and her personality is motivated towards establishing good relationships with others. The single life is an incomplete one to Libra and so she needs to relate. The first six signs of the zodiac focused on the individual while the second half turns their attention outward. Such a pussy cat needs to live in a harmonious environment and is immediately aware of any imbalance. Libra has a natural charm that is instantly inviting, and you will feel that this kitty really likes you, and she really does see something positive and lovable in everybody.

Pussy galore may flutter her eyelashes at you because she loves flattery, and is usually very aware of her appearance. This is also another Venusian cat that likes to be surrounded by beautiful things, whether its art, fabrics, luxurious floral displays, she is not fond of rough, ugly or dirty conditions. The Libran kitty is very sociable and companionable and feels happiest in the company of others. The liking for the opposite sex is usually very noticeable in this sign.

Just because the Libran cat is quite attractive to have around this doesn’t mean that she lacks intelligence, she is not just a piece of fluffy bundle of fur, Libra is an active sign intellectually and it is believed that she possesses both opposite sexes within her. This kitty is comfortable with both her femininity and her cat-like intelligence.

Libra also likes sitting on the garden fence, and may not choose one side over the other. You have one of the more civilised and elegant cats on your hands, and she is unlikely to be deliberately cruel and injure another. Libra has an inability to deal with unpleasant situations, and negative emotions in the environment. However, just having her around makes people want to come together in harmony and she knows how to bridge opposites and smooth any household conflict over, turning her place of residence into a sanctuary of beauty, peace and a generally pleasant atmosphere.


The Scorpio cat is one you can safely bare your soul to, but the way she stares at you, it’s like she already knows all your closely guarded secrets. Though she may only appoint a few trusted companions in her household, and ones that she knows deep enough to express her dark and passionate nature.

Scorpio is a deeply emotional cat, so don’t be afraid of real relating. There is nothing superficial about this moggy, and she does not take intimacy lightly. The Scorpio cat is intense about life and people and looks for deep meaning in all her interactions.

Some people may get a bit spooked out about her, and often she appears to possess a magical and mysterious power. Scorpio is subtle, complex and never obvious. Some unfairly label Scorpio as a vicious and violent cat, but many observations are unfairly warranted:”An examination of 34 cases of violent crimes (admittedly an insufficient number, but nevertheless enough to merit consideration) shows that the number of bodies in Scorpio is actually below the average, whilst a Scorpio Ascendant is frequent in cases of outstanding success. It seems well in any discussion of this sign, to begin with a clearing of its character.”The Principles of Astrology

The Scorpio cat is monogamous and loyal and if you are the lucky chosen one she wants to share her life with, she will put you above all other relationships. This is how much you mean to her, but mock her sensitivity and feelings for intimacy, and you may never see her again – expect her to withdraw completely. All the famous possessiveness, pride and intensity also exist within her profound nature. This kitty will share in your pain and will be there in the most traumatic times of your life. Scorpio is unflinching about the raw emotional aspects of relating, and whereas other signs will not be able to deal with the horrors of life, her strength of will, courage and loyalty are second to none.


The Sagittarius cat is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the king of the gods and the largest planet in our solar system. In mythology, Zeus was always chasing after something, and usually women, so this kind of tomcat may be the father to thousands of kittens. This feline is restless and hungry for experience, and needs personal freedom to an extraordinary degree, and likes to meet exciting people along his journey. I would not try to over-domesticate this kitty because he will find a way out.

Sagittarius is also incredibly lucky so get him to kiss your lottery ticket, or even better, get him to help you choose the numbers. Sagittarius may also be very religious, so a nice devout family may suit him well. We may even find many a Sagittarian cat living in churches or travelling with gypsies, he needs to feel that he is moving all the time. Sagittarius likes to feel like the whole world is an open door. The Saggy cat is very independent, and many a cat is often jealous of his fun and interesting lifestyle.

Sagittarius is the most volatile of the fire signs and is forever pushing the boundaries, seeing just what he can get away with. Being larger than life he tends to miss what is right under his button nose, and may even bump into things. However, being so far sighted he can see far-off into the horizon, towards the next big adventure in his life.

Though you may sometimes feel as if he is giving you a judgmental look, he does have the tendency to be blunt and certainly isn’t opinionless. Sometimes he is pretty right about what he intuits. Sagittarius has a belief in life, and never loses hope for the future, and will bring more expansiveness and luck into your home, as long as you always keep the back door open for him to explore the world outside, so he knows he can come and go as he pleases.


The Capricorn cat would probably do well in a business-like family; she is often mature beyond her years and may display an unusual seriousness even as a kitten. Life is a serious business fur this one, and she has a deep sense of responsibility towards the family. This cat seems to possess an innate wisdom and understanding about the world that far surpasses her age. The Capricorn feline is the unseen power behind any household; she values support and security and has a managing instinct that other cats cannot even compare with. It is believed, Capricorn’s age backwards, so rent Brad Pitt’s (stellium in Capricorn) movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and she will surely appreciate the significance behind it. As she ages, her spirit seems to become lighter, and she lets go of carrying the heavy burdens like she did in her tender years, and perhaps becomes tougher as time passes.

This kitty values hard-work, persistence, and reliability, and may set herself goals like climbing the top of a mountain, exploring barren stony slopes. Each and every step is evaluated, calculated, and cleverly contemplated before she has even stepped onto her path. It is not always easy to get to know her straight away, and this is because she has learned to keep a part of herself guarded, and has a certain level of mistrust. Sometimes there are complex issues with authority figures early on, and she may have had caretakers who tried to control or dominate her soul, and sometimes they provide too much for her.

The Capricorn cat needs to learn to stand on her own four feet, rely on her strength through much self- effort; she is self-disciplined with a realistic head. It is hard to fool this cat; she’s knows a lot about the real world out there. There is a preoccupation in this sign for survival, struggle and testing. The Capricorn kitty is a most reliable companion and she has the enormous power of the earth.


The Aquarius (water bearer) cat, would suit being in an environment where the humans are humanitarians trying to find the answers to mankind’s woes because she believes in the common good. This kitty might like to hang around the local council, committees and progressive groups and places of great architecture.

The Aquarian is a little genius, but she may appear as if she is living in the future and
not really grounded in the here and now, and is not always realistic. Perhaps she likes gazing at the night sky for astronomical or astrological purposes, she may even like sitting next to the computer and looks genuinely interested about the workings of many systems – technological and universal.

Aquarius is the water bearer who represents the bringing of knowledge, so she needs to be around people who share this vision, but she doesn’t usually like getting her own paws wet (a cat being a far-sighted visionary is a hard thing to believe, but just play along). The Aquarius cat may sometimes give the impression of being a touch impersonal and detached, she might even appear unconventional, and is usually independent, expressing herself in a calm, civilised and removed manner.

Aquarius is capable of immense loyalty and dedication, but she may find it hard to express her personal needs and may possess a sort of rigid pride. Your Promethean cat is filled with both mind and spirit and she is quite a liberal cat to have around, she is an inspiring companion in any household, and is quite fond of observing human behaviour. Aquarius enjoys the company of others, and is friendly and be drawn to interesting, unusual or slightly eccentric owners.


The Pisces cat, may enjoy being by the ocean, or watching the fishes in the garden pond, and she doesn’t want to attack them, but longs to join in. All creatures have originated from water and the Pisces cat longs to return. To love this moggy is to love her sometimes confusing nature, impenetrable depths and changing moods, but behind her eyes – lies the beauty of the ocean.

The Piscean feline is a dreamy looking creature, and she may come across as a complex and otherworldly being. A Piscean characteristics involve hidden watery depths, sudden storms, and strong shifting currents. She lives in the deepest waters of the human psyche (don’t roll your eyes, a cat can be deep and mysterious) and she is a very compassionate, feeling and sensitive kitty. Often very misunderstood, her motivations are not always clearly seen by others.

On the surface, she may seem helpless and weak and her owner may feel they have to protect this vulnerable kitty because she doesn’t appear to be all that worldly. Watch out she doesn’t play on this ability to attract sympathy. Generally, she can feel victimized in life, and get herself into some terrible scrapes, and she can’t always claw her way out, so she always needs some form of rescuing. Sometimes she lets out a pitiful meow that melts even the hardest of hearts, and there is a softness about that is completely enchanting. Pisces whirlpool eyes express the inner yearnings of her soul (she is one bottomless kitty), and she has an unusual, but demonstrative silence. There is a great enigma behind her quietness, and elusive charm.

A Pisces cat doesn’t cope well with limitations, and at times, it may appear as if she has transformed into many different characters, and slips into other roles rather too easily. Our Piscean feline may also disappear frequently, so she can be quite unfathomable, but usually, she is evasive in spirit, but sometimes disappears physically for a while to refresh herself. Pisces will make a devoted, gentle and tender companion, so treat her fragility with care.