Sun Conjunct Venus – The Golden One

59a980e607a6935ad866ce725fbfde8eVenus represents love, beauty, and sociability, and tends to be easy-going and affectionate. Though, many astrologers accuse Sun-Venus of possessing an element of narcissism or self-centeredness. I am sure they are all as sweet as can be, and have a decidingly pleasant disposition. However, it’s their ability to attract people, admiration and material benefits that create a rivalry. Depending on other chart configurations they want a relatively easy life, and there may be a tendency towards laziness and self-indulgence, vanity, and to expect the universe to grant the every wish.

Sun-Venus is referred to as the beautiful, adorned, and talented goddess. The individual has developed a strong love nature, and values are extremely important and there is just this wonderful innate romanticism. Venus, born of the foam of the sea, drifts along on a large scallop shell to the shore of her sacred island. The graceful rhythms of the goddess made for art and pleasure. Within Venus types, there is something of the ideal beauty that is desired. Aphrodite was one of the most widely worshiped goddesses of ancient Greece.  Similarly, the individual wants a relationship of similar adoration, and the contact conveys enjoyment through social pleasures and activities that stimulate the sensual nature.

The individual, if they are living out the Venusian aspect powerfully, find they stir sexual desires and can easily arouse sexual feelings. Venus in the chart is also associated with marriage and prosperity and these things may be a vital aspect of life. Moreover, the individual may be attractive to others, pleasing in manner or style. A certain graciousness and a mysterious power, sweetness about the personality that emanates an aphrodisiac. In mythology, Aphrodite was called the Golden One filled with beauty, light, warmth and sunshine and has been called a smiling “sunlit sexuality” and were all part of this goldness that other goddesses did not possess.

The mythical Aphrodite, the goddess of love is the most painted of all time and many poets love to muse about Venus at night in poetic longing. The planet is the brightest star in the sky, and childhood wishes are made on Venus which outshines every other light.  Venus is the fairest of them all with a dazzling glow in the starry sky, and celebrated for her beauty has been called the love goddess ascending to the heavens. For those with Sun conjunct Venus, it is often important to be liked by others, and their style or presentation is usually artistic. A need for peace and harmony are strong within the personality and they are generally friendly and accommodating.