I want to share some organizational updates and changes that are set to take place soon. Over the years, my content library has grown significantly, and it’s come to my attention that navigation could be improved—especially for new visitors. Currently, the vast array of over 1,000 free articles is somewhat buried by an even larger volume of over 2,000 members-only articles. This hasn’t been a major issue until recently; however, the growing of the site has inadvertently hidden these free resources under a “mountain” of member-exclusive content.

To address this, I am planning a reorganization of my existing articles. The aim is to intersperse the free content throughout the members-only articles, ensuring that both types of content are accessible and prominent. Furthermore, I will be creating a dedicated hub for free articles. This hub will be easily accessible, allowing new visitors to discover and engage with a wealth of free content right from the start. All free articles will be clearly tagged, simplifying the process of finding them.

While these changes are designed to enhance the experience for new visitors, rest assured that my members will continue to receive substantial value. I’m committed to maintaining a stream of exclusive content, with plans to publish around 7 members-only articles each week, complemented by at least 3 free articles. This not only gives more to my loyal members but also ensures that new visitors don’t feel excluded by a content “wall.”

I understand that these adjustments might cause some temporary shifts in how content appears on the site. If things seem a bit out of place or if you notice articles moving around, don’t worry—it’s just part of the process. And yes, I’ll be keeping a few nostalgic posts from the early days of the blog. They serve as a lovely reminder of where I started and the journey so far.

I recently purchased a Kindle Scribe, which has become an invaluable tool for me. Dubbed affectionately as my “baby,” it has improved my organization. With features allowing me to have separate files and sub-notebooks for various aspects of my life—like work, astrology notes, site issues, daily admin tasks, home responsibilities, reminders, and even shopping lists—it has become an essential part of my daily routine. Given my Mercury in Pisces square Neptune, which can sometimes scatter my focus, this device has been a godsend in helping me sort out my life.

The Kindle Scribe also doubles as an excellent e-reader. When paired with the cover that doubles as a stand, it’s perfect for reading while using a lap desk. It offers a pleasant reading experience, whether I’m going through my favorite books or looking at articles.

Speaking of articles, I’ve even started writing them directly on the Scribe. A couple of weeks ago, I experimented by writing an article on it, and I was pleasantly surprised, though editing still requires switching back to a PC before publishing. For instance, today I have a membership article lined up (Mars-Neptune Synastry) that I typed up last week, but yesterday, I wrote the free article directly on my Scribe (Mercury-Saturn synastry). It allows me to convert handwritten notes into text and send them to myself—an incredibly accurate feature. Today, I’ll be reviewing both articles to see if there are any significant differences between them.

Writing on the Kindle Scribe feels like a blend of modern technology with the old-fashioned pen-to-paper method, offering a nice change from the usual screen time. This new method of drafting posts is proving to be effective and relaxing. It gives me a much-needed break from the computer screen, and the physical interaction with the device makes the writing process more engaging.

This new workflow is quite intriguing, and it’s also handy for research. Sometimes, I pair it with my laptop or Android device on the side, allowing me to access my notes on Google Keep.

So there you have it—just a few behind-the-scenes updates I’ve been working on to improve organization. I can churn out a sea of content, but I must admit, my organizational skills on the site have been lacking. For that, I owe you an apology.