Saturn in Leo

Those with Saturn in Leo are learning to find their self-expression, develop their creative potential and shine individually. They are making an effort to really understand what constitutes real self-acceptance and creating freely.

Often the individual may feel inadequate, anxious and fearful when trying to express this inner light and they need to develop themselves further and to feel they have been recognized, applauded for their efforts and appreciated. The inner critic inside of Saturn will negatively tell them that they are unworthy of such praise and unimportant, but to stand in the spotlight and to feel deserving of the attention is what most of this challenge involves and overcoming the trouble of expressing these talents.

Saturn placed in Leo may feel reluctant to show what they have created whether it is a piece of writing, drawing, or even a play. Often the worse judge and critic is the one inside and it will often take a lot of work, grit and energy to make something of these gifts. One of the lessons involved may be about learning to apply those energies and keep persisting, and there will be times that the self-esteem is hit quite hard. It may feel like there are always setbacks, another mountain to climb and one more obstacle to get over. Saturn teaches us that what really is worth earning does not materialize overnight. I feel that Saturn in Leo are the kinds of people that can attract respect and deep loyalty from others, but once they start believing in their own inner light or lose any sense of false pride. The lesson here is about finding their own inner authority and learning how to lead the way with confidence.

The biggest fear could involve feeling mediocre, and some of these trials involve learning about self-love and creating something that the individual loves, and that is the most important thing opposed to only getting the applause. Getting praise won’t be such a big deal once the individual genuinely feels proud of what they have created. They won’t need to keep looking out into the crowd anxiously waiting for a response, and will feel that what they have achieved is enough. The main lesson is to pour all of their heart into their endevours and not hold back, and give everything they have got.

Saturn has many defense mechanisms and the person may overcompensate at times falsely showing off while still feeling that crippling voice underneath. They may hook Saturn onto another person unconsciously and fall under the admiration of someone they feel worthy, while feeling insignificant in their shadow. If others are not taking their creative efforts seriously this can painfully wound and cause a great deal of hurt and anger. In such cases Saturn may try to suppress and hide the individual light from others for fear of criticism. Inside, those with Saturn in Leo crave to be seen, and long to be the star in some area of their life. Saturn anywhere in the chart is like a diamond in the rough that needs defining and shaped until those special abilities are fully developed.

Sometimes the love life is affected and they feel let down, dissatisfied and sometimes it is through high expectations. Leo also rules children and so it could be here where some of the tests take place. Saturn here is about developing strength, individuality, and earning the prize. Perhaps someone once told the person that what they created was not enough, and it was not worthy and nobody would ever pay any attention to it. They may have worked hard to create something and felt that it went largely ignored, unappreciated, but there may also be a problem with letting applause and praise in without rejecting it and feeling undeserving. The individual could be extremely frightened and hesitant  having to be the focus of attention and their efforts shown in public.

With Saturn in Leo these efforts were never meant to fade into the background, they are making a real try in this lifetime to let these colours shine and not be like everybody else. Leo also rules pride and dignity and they realize more than most how hurtful it can be when their sense of achievement and self-respect is torn to shreds. It takes a long-time to really earn the respect they long for, and it can take a lot of failed attempts to get there. Saturn always tests an individual’s mettle to the fullest, and there will be a moment in life when something inside crystallizes and those fears won’t hold the individual back from fulfilling what they need. It is the voice inside that says I know I can create something and it will only matter how much credit they feel it deserves.

I have this feeling that with Saturn, after a while, the embarrassment subsides and this serious outlook over the sign and house placement take over. The achievements earned are more about the inner journey of getting there and less about the people they are trying to impress.The task here is to find that free expression of the individual’s personal uniqueness, building true inner confidence, and learning to accept constructive criticism and this will give back its rewards in good time.